21 Awesome Screen free Airplane Activities for Kids

21 awesome airplane activities for kids, airplane games for toddlers to preschoolers that will keep them entertained for hours!

Here are some awesome Scree Free Airplane Activities for Kids that will help you keep them occupied throughout the flight.

During last year we began to consciously reduce our use of screens in all aspects of our lives, asking ourselves Can we go Screen Free? On Instagram we sought advice from other parents and got a wealth of fantastic ideas, which are included here; along with some of our own. This blog recognises all those people that commented with thanks (some people are featured too!)

We’ve noticed lots of blogs and posts of late that make mention of an IPad loaded with new games as a ‘must go’ item for children’s travel. We are considering taking it off our travel list all together. But first… we need to go well prepared!!!

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airplane activities for kids, plane activities for kids, things to do for kids on a plane, mostly screen-free activities for the plane
playing with a doll before takeoff, about 2 years

Plan, Plan, Plan – Screen Free airplane activities for kids & toddlers

Consider that each of these activities might occupy 15 minutes. For a 4 hour flight, you have taking off, and landing – each about 15 minutes, plus a meal which would be 30 minutes if you are lucky! So you would need 3 hours of activities which is 12 activities… which seems like a lot, but remember that some activities can be repeated!

1. Being Grateful

Part of keeping them busy on flights for us is giving back to the cabin crew and pilots….we sometimes create artworks/notes on the airplane and a treat sometimes is brought with us to give it back to them to say thanks for getting us to our destination safely…we also do the walk down to the back of the plane and say thank you to the cabin crew. It breaks the trip up on the plane and my children are learning about being grateful and giving back. Contributed by soul_low_bloom

  1. Presents/Gifts

My mother first did this when we were heading off on a 36 hour long distance marathon with a 2 year old. It sounds consumer- oriented, but in fact it doesn’t have to be about buying new things. Op-shops have so much cheap stuff, often good quality, that you can buy ‘new’ cars/toys/dolls for just a few dollars. Wrap them up and instant interest! Given they are cheap you don’t feel bad should you leave them in your destination. (Or encourage your child to give them to another child) many of the activities listed here can also be wrapped up to add to the excitement

airplane activities for kids, plane activities for kids, things to do for kids on a plane, mostly screen-free activities for the plane
playing with a plastic toy bought overseas, with her grandmother

Verbal Games for Kids and Toddlers on an Airplane  (yup! Screen Free)

  1. Animals ABCs. Take turns by naming an animal starting with A, then B and so on until you finish the alphabet. You can do the same with cities and countries. minimewanderlust
  2. I spy… can go on for a long time. Particularly good once the children have learnt their letters.
  3. Count the number of passengers on the plane – how many in your row, how many rows etc.
  4. Teach a new language. If you are going to a place where they speak a different language, teach Hello, Thank you and Goodbye… You will make instant friends when you get off the plane, and break down barriers from the moment you arrive.
  5. Storytelling

Some starter lines… which help to have up your sleeve.

  • I turned on the tap in the bathroom and chocolate milk came out? What had happened?
  • What would happen if the kettle had legs?
  • What if the flowers can talk? What language would they speak? Do they have names?

There is a wealth of great ideas at Getting Children Writing Story ideas for Children aged 3-11 by Simon Brownhill

When children start school a pre-writing phase is the ability to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. Teach this structure during your travel storytelling and it will be a bonus

airplane activities for kids, plane activities for kids, things to do for kids on a plane, mostly screen-free activities for the plane
with her doctor’s kit (in a hotel room)

Plane activities that involve playing with something – best  airplane activities for kids – all screen free.

  1. A bag of goodies… for younger children, eg, 12-24 months a bag of random things can keep them entertained for hours. a keychain, a pair of old sunglasses, hair ties, an old necklace… each item is pulled out with care, because once they have seen the item and played with it, often they aren’t interested again!
  2. Stickers, Stickers, Stickers. Everyone agrees they are easy/light to pack and can keep kids of all ages entertained. Stickers on paper are good, but so are stickers on plastic water bottles. Take a look at

    Re-usable stickers that can go on windows are fun as they can go on the airplane windows … in Australia can be found at target. Kids need to share the window though!!!

  3. Cards – that’s right – old fashioned cards are a brilliant way to spend time on an airplane. For littlies think Old Maid, or Go Fish. By the time they are about 6 Uno can be played for hours. Even a standard pack of cards and Full House is excellent. (and great for maths!) Take a look here  GO FISH Untamed America, a 3-in-1 Classic Card Game for Kids
  4. Lego is our screen-free winner on the plane. Our girls each have a small pack and a small base plate with a sticky bottom. They build and then play with it…for hours! whereistheworld
  5. We make bead bracelets or necklaces for the entire crew and gift it to them at end of flight my little is 3yo so beading takes a really long time for her lol foreigntravelmom

for older ones Colorful Acrylic Beads Children Beaded Toys Handcrafts Materials

for younger ones 30 Jumbo Toddler Lacing & Stringing Beads 

airplane activities for kids, plane activities for kids, things to do for kids on a plane, mostly screen-free activities for the plane
as they get older it’s easier to entertain them in-flight
  1. Pipe cleaners! It stimulates creative thinking. We were on a liveaboard boat in Palau, and it entertained 3 toddlers for few hours a day for the whole week vmcrowder
  2. Magnet Set. If you are able to find a portable Magnet Set, they are light and easy to carry and you don’t lose bits. We have something like this
  3. ’s kit complete with a box of bandaids, cotton balls, tape, and cotton buds and bandages for your toddler to fix-up her doll or stuffed animal. Wrapping legs or arms in bandages is good for their fine motor skills.  Alternatively, you can buy a ready made Medical kit
  4. Books – that are not too heavy or bulky. We have to limit the books to 2 or 3 light ones for the flight and another couple in the suitcase.
  5. Photograph Album. Create a small album of photographs to look at…Bring it out for the first time on the flight. Kids love looking at themselves at different ages, doing different things. This Also works well if you are going to be away for a while, to remember grandparents, pets, etc
  6. Finger puppets – really fun for creative play, telling stories etc. We bought ours in markets in Peru but you can get some similar ones here.
  7. Colouring / Drawing/ Writing
  • Look for small clipboards & systems for keeping crayon’s and pencils in one place.
  • Journals are a vital part of recording your trip. Even our 4 year old has a place he can keep memories and draw pictures, while an older child begins to use words etc. A glue stick is handy so you can glue in entries, postcards and other paraphernalia that you collect along the way.
airplane activities for kids, plane activities for kids, things to do for kids on a plane, mostly screen-free activities for the plane
we encourage looking out the window as much as we can!!!
  1. Teach Money

This is for early school aged children; and helps tremendously with their early knowledge of currency. We count, add up and subtract – either in your own currency or of the country that you are going to.

Finally … think of Airplane time with Kids as Quality Time

Also consider that time on an aeroplane is quality time with kids, and what kids want more than anything is loving time with their parents. Eileen of Families Go explains it beautifully Make Flying Time Quality Time With Kids

Inflight entertainment – a final word

Note, when you are flying with budget airlines there will be no inflight entertainment making it easier to stay away from screens. If there is inflight entertainment we are 100% fine to use that once we have worked through some of the games, especially if there are new release movies etc. so that there is a sense of special-ness about the flight.

How did we come to create this list of airplane activities for kids?

We realised that screens were becoming a really solid part of our daily life, and wrote Can we go Screen Free on a 3 hour flight?  We have been really influenced by Sue Palmer’s book, Toxic Childhood and recommend if if you are looking for a different perspective on how to raise children in the modern world!

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