Kids’ SUP | Finding the best Kids’ Stand Up Paddle Board

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As we live near the coast in southwestern Australia, the kids spend a lot of time at the beach.  So finding new water sports to keep them busy is always welcome!  Hence our search for the best kids’ stand up paddle board.  We’re pretty new to the whole world of the kids’ SUP board, which meant doing some serious research into finding the best paddleboard for kids.

So what should we look for when buying a kids’ paddleboard?  What sort of products is out there?  How good are inflatable kids’ paddle boards?  Join us on our quest to find the ideal paddle boards for kids, including the top 8 recommended paddle boards for children.  As well as what to look for when you shop!

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Papa and the kids chilling on a SUP in Fiji.

Compare the 8 Best Kids’ Paddle Boards

Learning to use a SUP can be awkward!
Name Size Paddle Finish Price
Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior 30 x 7.6 x 4 inches Carbon, adjustable Military-grade PVC coatings Click here
Nix Huntington 32 x 9.6 x 6 inches Fibreglass, adjustable Double layer fusion lamination Click here
Bluefin Cruise 128 x 33 x 6 inches Fibreglass, adjustable 1000 denier laminate PVC Click here
Dama Youth 30 x 10 x 4 inches Aluminium, adjustable Thermo sealed & UV resistant Click here
Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana 30 x 9 x 6 inches Aluminium, adjustable TriTech & drop-stitch materials Click here
HighPi SUP 32 x 10.6 x 6 inches Alloy, adjustable Military-grade materials Click here
SereneLife SUP 32 x 10.6 x 6 inches Aluminium, adjustable Non-slip soft top Click here
Cooyes SUP 32 x 10.6 x 6 inches Aluminium, adjustable Military-grade coating Click here


Kids’ SUP | Finding the best Kids’ Stand Up Paddle Board


What Makes the best Kids’ Stand Up Paddle Board?

If you are familiar with adult versions, it’s worth knowing that a kids’ SUP board tends to be smaller.  This means it is shorter, thinner and narrower.  The logic behind this is that a smaller board is easier for them to carry and manoeuvre, both on the beach and in the ocean.

The best paddleboard for kids will obviously be a safe one, but it also helps if the design is robust enough to take some rough handling.  Even if the kids are careful, it’s light and thus likely to get battered about by the waves!

Many kids’ paddleboard options are pretty inexpensive, which is ideal as it will be outgrown at some point.  In this buying guide, we are recommending the best 5 paddle boards for kids, to help you find the ideal paddle boards for your children.  Each has been chosen because it is safe, durable, stable, reliable and affordable.

A kids’ inflatable SUP is the best choice, as it’s easier for you to transport and for them to manage.  Some are also large enough for adult use, such as when fishing or when you go camping by a lake.

Kids’ Paddle Boards


Finding a Kids’ SUP Board – FAQs

What’s the difference between an adult’s and a child’s paddle board?

As touched on above, kids’ SUP will be easier for them to move and use.  It will thus be smaller.  A good paddleboard for kids will typically be cheaper and more colourful too.  While a child can theoretically use an adult board, one designed for kids or youths will make life much simpler as well as safer.

How can I supervise the kids while they’re paddling?

If your kids are paddling, must you have a SUP yourself?  That’s entirely up to you!  You can always supervise them by swimming around where they are paddling, or by staying within the area patrolled by lifeguards where possible.  Always make sure they can swim as far as necessary to reach the level where they can stand up in the water – and that they’re wearing life jackets.

How hard are the inflatable SUP boards to inflate and deflate?  

Most inflatable stand up paddle boards come with a hand pump, and they can be inflated or deflated in as little as five minutes.

What other safety items might we need?

Staying safe in the water is clearly a priority.  So what else do you need?  As a minimum, life jackets – even when they are competent swimmers.  You may also require rash guard shirts and shorts to protect their skin from the sun and abrasions, and of course, you’ll need sunscreen.

Kids’ Paddle Boards

What makes a great stand up paddle board for kids?

There are a number of factors that come into play when choosing the right child or youth paddle board.  These include the type of board and its durability, as well as the kid’s age and how good the included paddlers are.

Type of Board

Buying an inflatable paddle board for kids is usually the better option as these are lightweight, softer (to land on if they fall) and easy to carry.  Solid boards are more expensive and can be too heavy for them to handle.  They are also more difficult for parents to transport to the beach!

Kid’s Age

As long as your children have the right equipment and can swim and follow instructions, they can begin paddle boarding at just about any age.  If you can, buy a kids’ paddle board that’s just slightly too big – that way it may last a few seasons before being outgrown.  This will save you money.


A tough, durable deck pad is a must if you want your kids’ SUP paddle board to last.  You also want a child or youth stand up paddle board to be robust enough not to be easily punctured, especially if they need to drag it over stones or rocks, or across from camp to the beach.


A paddle that’s too long or thick will be tricky for your child to use, so look for one that’s a good fit.  Adjustable paddles are the best option as they can be lengthened as they grow.  The best paddles are made from carbon or fibreglass, while aluminium ones are a reasonable budget option.

stand up paddle board for kids


It’s also worth checking out what extras are included with your chosen product.  All the boards here come with a leash, a paddle, and one or more fins.  Some also include a decent backpack or bag for carrying, and a few are also supplied with a waterproof bag for a phone or other valuables.



The 8 Best Junior and Youth Inflatable Paddle Board Products


Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior

The Thurso Prodigy is one of the best paddle boards for kids.  With a super-strong deck, it is light, easy to carry and manoeuvre, and very durable. In terms of accessories, the included paddle is adjustable and has an ultra-tough carbon shaft.  This paddle board comes with 3 detachable fins, and using all 3 gives superior stability on the water.  Thurso Kids’ SUP boards also come with the backup of a 2-year warranty cover.


  • Military-grade PVC coatings
  • Adjustable carbon shaft paddle
  • 3 removable, easy to install fins


  • Pump not included

Click here to see the Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior SUP board for kids


Nixy Huntington

As one of the lightest and most compact boards around, the Nixy Huntington is an ideal stand up paddle board for kids and travel.  Again the paddle is adjustable and made from fibreglass.  Even when fully inflated it weighs just 19 lbs.  All the required accessories are included, from a coiled leash, hand pump and removable fins to a shoulder strap, repair kit and backpack.  These Nixy SUP boards also come with a 2-year warranty backup.


  • Double layer lamination for strength
  • Adjustable fibreglass paddle
  • Pump, fins, leash, backpack and more included


  • Higher price

Click here to view the Nixy Huntington stand up paddle for kids


Bluefin Cruise

If you want to be certain of buying a SUP paddle for kids that’s built to last, the Bluefin Cruise comes with an impressive 5-year warranty.  That should ensure it’s been made to withstand rough handling and resist punctures!  A 1000 denier laminate coating makes it super tough, and it comes with a top-quality branded backpack that’s comfortable to carry.  Extra fixings also make it not possible to quickly convert this one into a seated SUP kayak for the kids to use, and it even has a Go-Pro mount.


  • 1000 denier PVC lamination
  • Converts to SUP kayak
  • Double action pump and backpack included


  • Too big for smaller kids

Click here to see the Bluefin Cruise kids’ stand up paddleboard

Dama Youth

The Dama Youth inflatable Sup is a great budget buy and attracts good ratings from owners.  It comes with everything required to get started, including an adjustable paddle, double-action pump, leash, removable fin and action camera mount as well as a waterproof bag and large backpack.  A 1-year warranty is offered with this product, and it has an anti-slip, UV resistant coating for durability.


  • Good value for money
  • Anti-slip, thermo sealed and UV resistant
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • Aluminium paddle

Click here to view this Dama Youth paddle board

Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana

This Bestway product is ideal as a kids’ paddle board.  The company is known for making all kinds of high-quality inflatable products, including hot tubs as well as one of the best inflatable paddle boards for families options.  A wide base makes this board very stable, and it’s suitable for use when kneeling as well as standing.  It comes with a pump and leash, folds down into its own carry bag and is fast to inflate and deflate.


  • Top inflatables brand
  • A wide base adds stability
  • Carry bag, pump and leash included


  • Aluminium paddle

Click here to view this Bestway inflatable standup paddleboard

Highpi Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If you were looking for a pink stand up paddle board, you might just be in luck with this one!  It comes in a deep magenta shade, or you can also pick between sapphire blue and mint green.  This kids or youth SUP has a lot more going for it than just the colour, though.  It’s also very highly rated by satisfied owners and has a weight capacity of up to 300lbs.  Yet it weighs just over 18 lbs and features military-grade materials for extra strength.


  • 3 colour options
  • Great for youth and adult-use
  • Lots of extras included


  • Alloy paddle

Click here to see this HigiPi SUP for kids

SereneLife Inflatable SUP Board

If the design is important to you and who you’re buying for, check out the range of youth SUPs from SereneLife.  They come in 6 really cool colour options, and lots of accessories are also included with the package.  At the time of researching this article, they were Amazon’s number one bestseller in the stand-up paddleboards category – no mean feat!  This affordable product has been designed for easy paddling and stability when standing and comes with a leash, storage bag, aluminium paddle and air pump.


  • 6 designs available
  • Travel-friendly design
  • A bestselling item


  • Aluminium paddle

Click here to view the SereneLife stand up paddle board

Cooyes Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Also designed for kids, youths and adults, this Cooyes board boasted an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 at the time of writing.  That’s pretty impressive!  We also like the fact that it can cope with a load of up to 330lbs – a little more than most.  Tons of extras are also included, not least an adjustable kayak seat so it can also be used for sit-down paddling.  A fin, dry bag, leash, aluminium paddle, pump, repair kit, waterproof phone bag and backpack also come with this one.


  • 330 lbs weight capacity
  • Kayaking seat included
  • Fast inflation and deflation


  • Paddle is aluminium

Click here to see this Cooyes SUP board for youths


stand up paddle board for kids

The Verdict – Kids’ SUP | Finding the best Kids’ Stand Up Paddle Board

We hope this guide to the best stand up paddle boards for kids has helped with your search.  Inflatable paddle boards can provide children with so much fun in the water while developing their core strength, balance and sporting skills too.

What about a Go Pro?  When paddling, it’s worth capturing it all on an action camera if you can!  See our full Go pro review here in What you need to know about a Go Pro for Kids.


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Kids’ SUP | Finding the best Kids’ Stand Up Paddle Board


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