About Apus Peru Adventure Travel Specialists

Ariana Svenson clearly remembers she never wanted to operate a travel agency – there was two much exploitation and too many companies all doing the same thing.

Therein the two central principles behind Apus Peru were formed:

  1. To create innovative, authentic and different itineraries that helped people see the ‘real Peru’ away from the well trodden route to Machu Picchu.
  2. To give back  – to the people; to ensure that all employees were treated in a respectful way and to the communities we trekked through. This was also how Threads of Peru was founded.

Like any new enterprise Apus Peru struggled in the first few years, mostly due to the idea that we wouldn’t offer regular routes or even the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.  Quite simply, there were not enough people who wanted to seek out unknown adventures.

The reality was that we couldn’t promote new routes or areas to the world, we needed to offer what people wanted.  Now, with 10 years of operation under it’s belt Apus Peru offers an exceptional mix of traditional routes with a dash of something different. And always,  there is the element of “giving back” and caring for the environment.

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