Best Swim Baby Wrap | Why you Need a Water Baby Carrier

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After I had my third child I finally invested in a water baby carrier.  They say that you learn with each child, and I definitely found out that a swim baby wrap was a very good thing to have!

Not only do we live by the beach, but in my daughter’s first year she was lucky enough to travel to Thailand and Malaysia as well as Far North Queensland and Victoria.  So I had lots of opportunities to test the swim baby wraps – both in the pool and in the ocean.  Also when showering – but I’ll say more about that later.

Best Swim Baby Wrap | Why you Need a Water Baby Carrier

Best Baby Swim Wrap Comparison Table

Name Type Features Price
Boba Baby Carrier Structured carrier Daily or water use, ultra-light, safe for baby’s hips Click here
Biubee Water Sling Ring sling Mesh fabric, integral pouch, easy to use Click here
Beachfront Baby Wrap Baby wrap Seamless design, safety approved, chemical-free Click here
Angelbaby Carrier Structured carrier Water or daily use, cotton, wear 4 ways Click here
Vlokup Water Sling Ring sling Breathable mesh, 15 colors, good position Click here
Konny Summer Carrier Baby wrap Spandex, pouch included, 20+ colors Click here
Vlokup Baby Wrap Baby wrap 1 size fits all, crease-resistant, 12 colors Click here


Why Would I Need a Swim Baby Wrap?

The reasons for purchasing a baby carrier for water are pretty much the same as those for buying a standard baby wrap – hello, hands-free!  Having full use of your hands can be a game-changer when you are at the pool or beach.  Particularly if you’re in charge of other small children and toddlers that want to hold your hand, grab onto you, and so on.

Also, once your bub reaches a certain weight, holding onto them for long periods of time can become very tiring.  Using a waterproof baby carrier means you can stay in the water for longer – and that time becomes more enjoyable too.

Click here to see the best water baby carrier overall

Using a Baby Water Wrap for Showering

I’ve definitely washed every one of my babies in hotel room sinks at some point!  However, once we started traveling with a baby water sling, I discovered that it really is much easier to put the infant in the sling when showering.

A tiny baby is so slippery, and showering requires someone else to take them in and out while you then wash yourself.  When you have a sling you don’t need that, which gives you much more independence.  As a solo mum after the sad loss of my partner to cancer, that is vital for me.

Instead, simply pop the ring sling for water on, and then are able to relax a little while washing yourself as well.  Without a wriggling infant slipping around.  Believe me, it’s a much better option than a hotel sink!

Best Swim Baby Wrap | Why you Need a Water Baby Carrier
The author on holiday in Victoria

How to Use a Water Baby Carrier

As with all equipment for young kids, a baby water carrier must be used safely.  So here is my advice for safe use of a baby shower sling or beachfront baby wrap – based on my own real-life experience!

Top Tips for Wearing Water Wrap Carriers Safely

  • If showering, set the water temperature before you step in.  When at the coast and using the baby carrier for swimming for the first time, gauge the temperature of the water and observe how your baby reacts to it.
  • If your feet won’t be on the ground, don’t be tempted to use that water tot baby carrier.  This applies when you’re using a boat or float, for example.
  • Make sure you can clearly see your infant’s face at all times.  Keeping your little one within kissing distance is a good marker.  This way you can ensure they don’t ingest too much water, which could result in water intoxication or may contain harmful bacteria.
  • While babywearing in this way, don’t try to swim.  Using any kind of stroke can cause danger, as lying on your front means submerging them, and when on your back you can’t see any hazards approaching.
  • If there are signs advising caution due to currents, slippery surfaces, steep slopes, or any other danger, don’t enter the water at all.  This applies anywhere this is the case, even if there is no signage.


The Three Main Types of Baby Wrap for Water

There are three main kinds of baby carriers for pool, ocean, or shower use, as follows.  These are a baby wrap, a ring sling, or a more structured carrier.

A Ring Sling

A ring sling for baby-wearing in water gives more flexibility and freedom of movement.  However, you may need to keep one arm free to help support your infant.  This type has large rings to help hold it in place.

A Baby Wrap

A wrap-style baby carrier for pool, shower, and ocean use can be tied whichever way you like.  Again your baby may require your support, so it’s not entirely a hands-free solution.  A wrap is basically a piece of spaced fabric, designed to be tied into place.

A Structured Carrier

This type is often the simplest to wear – as well as being the safest choice.  As with the other two types, look for a lightweight material that won’t weigh you down when it gets wet.  Another advantage of this kind is its suitability for everyday wear, as well as when in water.

Best Swim Baby Wrap | Why you Need a Water Baby Carrier
On holiday in Thailand with bub!

What to Look for in a Water Proof Baby Carrier

The first thing to consider is who will be wearing the carrier.  Both parents should be able to enjoy spending time in the water with the baby.  Where other carers such as grandparents or nannies may look after the little one, bear them in mind too when making your choice.  In short, you want a one size fits all option where possible.


As touched on above, lightweight material is a must.  Heavier fabrics like cotton can weigh you both down when in the ocean, pool, or shower, so synthetics like polyester or nylon can make the best baby carrier for water.   Mesh baby carrier for water is a more breathable yet man-made alternative, although some cotton carriers can also be lightweight.


A fabric that doesn’t hold too much water is ideal for a water wrap baby carrier.  The material itself should also be as lightweight as possible.  This way you can lighten the load, giving you more freedom while making for a more enjoyable experience.

Quick Drying

Who wants to wear a soggy carrier for hours – or even place it inside a bag?  Quick-drying fabric is, therefore, a must, and again lightweight synthetics are usually best for this.


Padding is something to avoid rather than something to look for!  While it may make your baby more comfortable, it will retain far more water.  This will make it heavier and will also mean it dries more slowly.  It could also cause your infant to overheat, especially when you’re using a warm shower or swimming pool.

Sun Protection

While it’s no substitute for covering your baby in a good, high-factor sunscreen, a beach baby sling with a good SPF rating is an added bonus.


The carrier should be comfortable for both of you to wear for longer periods of time.  Some are approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute or may have been ergonomically designed to protect parents or carers.

Everyday Use

Some of the wraps, slings, or more structured carriers are just as well suited to everyday use as they are for use in water.  These can be worth paying extra for, as you get an all-purpose product that can be worn every day!


7 of the Best Water Baby Carrier Products


Boba Air Structured Baby Carrier

  • Structured carrier

The structured style of carrier is the safest to use, and leaves your arms and hands completely free to concentrate on other activities – or other kids!  What’s really great about this one is that it’s ideal for use in water.  However, it serves its purpose as an everyday baby carrier too.  This makes it worth spending more money on than a budget buy solely made for use in water.

Though you should use a front carry in water, you can also carry your infant on your back when out and about on a daily basis.  It can be used with kids weighing between 15 and 45 lbs and is endorsed by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as aiding natural development.

This is the ideal beachfront baby carrier as it is quick-drying, resists salty tidemarks and sticky, wet sand.  It weighs under 1 lb and has padded shoulder straps for parental comfort.


  • Ultralight, fast-drying nylon
  • Every day and water baby carrier
  • International Hip Dysplasia Institute endorsed


  • Shoulder straps could be improved

Click here to view this structured baby carrier

Biubee Ring Sling Water Baby Carrier

  • Ring sling

Made from synthetic mesh fabric, this ring sling-style carrier is very affordable, and has several very useful features to recommend it.  The tough plastic ring means there’s no risk of rusting, while a built-in carry pouch makes it easy to pack – wherever you go.

The fabric itself is mesh, making it both breathable and very lightweight.  This feels good against the skin and also dries out very rapidly.  This carrier is easy to put on and comfortable to wear.  One size suits most adults.  It can be used for any child from newborn up to 35lbs in weight.  This is a great swim baby wrap.


  • Lightweight, breathable mesh fabric
  • Built-in storage pouch
  • Simple to use


  • Not the most supportive option

Click here to see this Ring Sling Swim Baby Wrap

Beachfront Baby Wrap

  • Baby wrap

This wrap carrier for water from Beachfront Baby has a really simple design.  It’s basically a large piece of lightweight fabric with tapered ends so you can wear it as you wish.  The position is ideal, as your baby stays within viewing (and kissing) distance.  It has also been thoroughly tested and conforms to all the relevant safety standards.

Wrapping it the right way can take a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it you can be ready to hit the water in no time.  Beachfront Baby has provided a YouTube video and a full instruction booklet to make sure you don’t get stuck.

This carrier is suitable for babies weighing between 8 and 30 lbs.



  • No uncomfortable straps or buckles
  • Designed in the US by real-life moms
  • Quick-drying, chemical-free fabric


  • Can be tricky to use at first

Click here to view the Beachfront Baby Wrap

Angelbaby Structured Ergonomic Carrier

  • Structured carrier

Like the Boba product detailed above, this carrier by Angelbaby can be worn on a daily basis as well as when in the water.  Although it’s made from cotton, it is lightweight and dries out rapidly.  This type of fabric is also very breathable.

This carrier offers SPF 50+ protection, and the tailored shape is designed to support both baby and caregiver.  It can be worn several ways, facing you or out, on the back, or as a simple sling over the shoulder.  The former is always recommended for use in water.  There are removable straps, plus handy storage pockets for baby essentials.  The fabric is also resistant to sand and dust.


  • Carrier for daily or water use
  • Breathable, lightweight cotton
  • Can be worn 4 ways


  • Heavier than some

Click here to see the Angelbaby Ergonomic Carrier

Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling

  • Ring sling

If you’re on a budget or feel like picking from 15 colors, then this Vlokup ring sling baby carrier could be the ideal choice.  It’s made from fast-drying, breathable polyester mesh.  This lightweight mesh carrier is ideal for warm weather as well as water, so it’s perfect for beach days.  Again it also places your baby in the perfect position, close to your face so you can see them at all times.

Though the rings are made from metal they are aluminum, so they won’t rust.  The carrier was designed by a real-life mom and is suited to infants weighing between 8 and 30 lbs.


  • 15 colors
  • Breathable polyester mesh
  • Perfect position for in water


  • Not as supportive as a structured carrier

Click here to view the Vlokup ring sling carrier

Konny Summer Baby Carrier

  • Baby wrap

This baby carrier is designed especially for summer use, and also comes in over 20 colors and various sizes.  Like some of the other carriers listed here, it’s ideal for everyday use as well as when at the beach, pool, or even in the shower.  The polyester fabric contains 13% spandex for a flexible fit, and the fact that there are no buckles, straps, belts, or rings makes it even more comfortable to wear. There is a separate sash for added security.

It’s compact enough to carry in a small purse in the included eco-friendly pouch and weighs just under half a pound.  The design has also been thought out to avoid back and neck pain in the wearer. It also meets sling carrier safety standards and is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


  • Spandex for stretch
  • Lightweight & compact with pouch
  • Hip development & safety approved


  • Not one size fits all

Click here to see the Konny Baby Carrier for summer

Vlokup Mesh Baby Wrap

  • Baby wrap

If you’re on a budget but don’t want a ring sling carrier, this mesh wrap by Vlokup may be the ideal solution.  It comes in 12 colors and is ideal for hot weather, beach days, pool trips, and showering.  The lightweight mesh fabric is crease-resistant and airy as well as being quick to dry.  This is also a one size fits all design, so both parents or other caregivers can also wear it.

This baby wrap was designed in the US and can accommodate babies weighing between 8 and 35 lbs.  The fabric has added stretch for comfort and the position is designed to keep your infant close while reducing pressure on the wearer’s body.


  • 12 colors
  • Crease-resistant mesh fabric
  • One size fits all


  • Less stretch than others

Click here to view this Vlokup Baby Wrap for water

Best Swim Baby Wrap | Why you Need a Water Baby Carrier
Bubba watching her siblings on holiday in Thailand.

The Verdict – Which Swim Baby Wrap Will you Buy?

Using a water baby carrier in Australia, Europe, the US, or indeed anywhere else can make life so much easier.  Whether you prefer to swim in the pool, spend the day by the ocean, or want to keep your hands free while showering.  A swim baby wrap is a must-have.

It’s well worth the investment, and you can always pass on a used carrier to younger siblings or cousins, sell it later as a preloved item or donate it to the local op shop.  Whichever you go for, I hope you find it lightens the load when spending time in the water!


If you liked this post, why not check out some of my other guides?  They cover topics such as finding a kids’ thermal rash vest, picking the best snorkeling sets, and the ultimate guide to packing for beach trips.


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Best Swim Baby Wrap | Why you Need a Water Baby Carrier

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