Best Bags for Moms | Finding the Right Mom Bag for your Busy Life

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Us moms – or mums as we call them here in Australia – sure do have a lot to juggle.  A big part of that is the actual physical side of making sure everything is covered.  Between play dates, school runs, medical appointments, grocery shopping, sporting activities and all the other kit and caboodle that comes with family life, moms can often find they have a heavy load to carry.  And I mean that in the most literal sense!

The best bags for moms can make life so much easier, whether you have a baby, a toddler or a bunch of kids to look after.  Of course part and parcel of caring for them means ferrying all their stuff around – as well as your own.

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Best Bags for Moms

So Just What do we Mean by ‘Mom Bags’?

In addition to making sure everyone is fed, watered and entertained – while ensuring they have a clean home to live in and freshly laundered clothes to wear – moms are also women.  As such we at least sometimes want to look as pretty as possible when we head out the door!  The trouble is, becoming a mom often means putting yourself last, and it’s easy to lose sight of what pleases you along the way.  A practical solution is often the easiest, as we don’t always have the head room to give too much thought to what things look like.

It therefore follows that many moms carry around a tatty old tote or well-worn backpack, without actually stopping to think if this is really the best beach bag for moms, the best mom backpack we could buy or one of the best tote bags for moms.  A great mom bag will often have various features in common.  These apply whether you need the best handbags for working moms, or are seeking something larger or smaller – like the best pool bags for moms or the best designer crossbody bags for moms.

Style may well be set aside as you fawn over all the useful pockets your diaper bag or leather tote has.  But with the range of mom bags now on the market, it’s actually really simple to combine style with practicality.  Needing diaper bags or totes large enough to carry everyone’s stuff doesn’t have to mean bypassing form in favour of function.  When it comes to mom bags, you can really can have it all!  Even if that doesn’t apply to the rest of our lives as busy parents.

Whether you want to find the best crossbody bags for moms or need something much bigger than that, this post will guide you through all the top options. From the best handbags for moms who are minimalists to the top bags for traveling or beach-loving moms, all the finest mom bags can be found right here.


Best Purse for Moms Comparison Table


     Name/Brand          Wear As      Key Features             Price
Mominside Tote, cross body, backpack Stylish look, 13 pockets & key chain, change pad Click here
V-Coool Purse, shoulder bag Cooler, waterproof finish, laptop compartment Click here
Vera Bradley Tote bag 30+ styles, go anywhere look, lots of pockets Click here
Fossil Fiona Cross body bag Good looks, 17 colors, compact yet roomy Click here
Kipling Syro Cross body bag 9 colors, fun styling, multiple compartments Click here
S-Zone Shoulder bag Real leather, made to last, multiple pockets Click here
Beach’d Shoulder bag Eco-friendly, robust, take anywhere styling Click here
Lovevook 3 bags: tote, cross body & clutch Great value, 14 colors & patterns, 3-in-1 set Click here
Puma Evercat Tote bag Multi-purpose, tough, good value price Click here
Travelon Anti-Theft Cross body bag Anti-RFID, slash-proof, mesh outer pockets Click here



What to Look for in Mom Bags

When you’re picking out the best purse for moms there’s a list of factors to think about, such as how big the bag is, how many pockets it has, what it’a made from and how long it’s likely to last.


The size is the number one thing to think about when choosing between mom bags.  How much do you need to carry around, really?  This will depend on all sorts of factors, like how old your kids are, how many you have, where you go and how long you tend to stay out for.  Is your idea of the best purse for moms a small crossbody bag, or a large shoulder bag that will make the best beach bag for the family?  Or are you happier to go somewhere in the middle of those two extremes?


The more wear and tear your bag is likely to be subjected to, the more its longevity is likely to matter. A ll moms love a bargain, but you don’t want a bag that will start falling apart within a few weeks of even months.  As a general rule, a more expensive bag may more readily stand up to the test of time.  However, what it’s made from can also determine how long it will last.


So leading on from the previous point about strength – what is your ideal mom bag made from?  Real or vegan leather, for instance, may be more waterproof than some fabrics, but is that faux leather also thick and strong?  The kind of canvas that backpacks are made from can be very tough too.  Reading customer reviews can be helpful with this as they have held the product in their hands.  Hopefully they also used it also before sharing their thoughts.


Lots of pockets are a must for many busy moms, who may be carting around diapers, spare clothing, milk, snacks, drinks, toys, books and much more.  Not to mention their own essentials like cash or cards, a smartphone, keys, tissues, lip gloss and so on.  Having a main compartment plus a pocket for each type of time can really help you stay organized.  This is especially true when you only have one pair of hands plus numerous demands to deal with!


Other useful features come in the form of accessories.  One bag, for example, includes a cooler for  food or milk, while another has a matching changing mat included.  An option also listed is a set of three, which includes a clutch and cross body bag as well as the bigger tote!

 Finding the Right Mom Bag for your Busy Life

10 of the Best Bags for Moms

Although we’ve split the bags into categories, there are certainly lots of crossovers between them, so it’s worth taking a quick peek at them all before making your selection. A bag for a baby or toddler mom might be quite similar, for example. As are the bags for moms who carry it all or have  several kids.


Best Bags for Traveling Moms

Before we begin with the product listings, let’s address the question of bag or backpack.  Many moms find that the hands free practicality of a backpack purse works best for them.  If that describes you, check out the separate post on Best Backpacks for Moms | The Most Comfortable Way to Carry the Load.

With 10 different products detailed in it, taking a look also gives you more recommended mom bag options to consider when making your choice.  As we’ve listed 10 backpacks in that article, the focus in this guide is on other types of mom bag.

Best Bag for Moms with Babies

Mominside Leather Look Diaper Bag

Although other kinds will do fine, diaper bags have been designed specially for the purpose.  This means they have the kind of features that parents of babies really need.  Such as the included changing pad and insulated pockets found on this faux leather diaper bag.

The Mominside comes in brown or black, and will go with absolutely anything you choose to wear.  Even for a night out with bubba this one looks the business – much more like a regular tote shoulder bag than a diaper bag.  There are 13 pockets including a laptop sleeve and zipped outer compartments. It’s easy to wipe clean and you can even wear it as a cross body bag or backpack thanks to the fact that there are multiple straps.


  • Wear as tote, backpack or crossbody bag
  • 13 pockets, laptop sleeve & key chain
  • Stylish, go-anywhere looks


  • Heavier than some

Click here to view this faux leather diaper bag

Best Bag for Moms with Toddlers

V-Coool Quilted Tote Bag

This is listed as a breast pump bag for moms of the youngest kids, but it’s perfect for baby or toddler moms.  There is a special cooler bag complete with ice pack for carrying milk or food, so equally good for kids who are on milk or solids.  Again it looks nothing like a diaper or nappy bag and has plenty of pockets and space for everything.  The black color won’t show the dirt and it’s simple to wipe clean.  For moms who work or tend to go out for long periods of time, this has enough space for everything – including a laptop.


  • Separate cooler for milk or food
  • 7 pockets including laptop compartment
  • Waterproof outer


  • May be bigger than you need

Click here to see this black quilted mom bag

Best Bag for Moms with Multiple Kids

Vera Bradley Cotton ‘Vera’ Tote Bag

If you’re responsible for a number of kids, then you’ll want easy access to all their stuff – as well as your own.  You also need a bag that’s strong enough to stand up to being touched, and perhaps pulled, by many hands.

This Vera Bradley Tote Bag is just the job as it’s a good make and tough enough to cope with everyday mom life.  It looks great and you can pick from around 30 colors.  A zipper pocket on the outside means super quick access to what you or the kids need and there are various compartments inside to help keep items organized and easy to find.


  • Lots of styles to choose from
  • Various pockets inside & out
  • Go anywhere looks


  • Outer not waterproof

Click here to view this Vera Bradley tote bag for moms

Best Bags for Minimalist Moms

Fossil Fiona Large Cross Body Bag

Available in a range of styles and colors, the Fiona by Fossil is a great all-purpose bag.  It’s ideal for moms who don’t need to carry so much, like when heading out for a short while or when you have older kids.  There are several open pockets plus a zipped one on the outside, while inside there are also two slide compartments as well as a zippered one. A tablet will fit inside, so if your tween cannot be parted from their tech it’s not a problem.

This makes a great mom bag for parents of kids that are school age and upwards.


  • 17 color & style options
  • Designer looks
  • Compact yet spacious


  • Limited zippered pockets

Click here to view the Fossil Fiona cross body bag

Kipling Syro Cross Body Bag

This Kipling Bag is another great option for those moms seeking a smaller bag than the others listed here.  It comes in 9 really lovely colors, including a couple of metallic shades that would look great for evening wear as well as use during the day.  The adjustable shoulder strap means it can be worn at the exact height that suits you.  If you do have younger kids they’re sure to love the little monkey tag that comes with it.  A number of pockets inside and out ensures it’s easy to stay organized too.

Again, this bag is great for moms with kids aged from around four or five and older.  Hopefully by that time you won’t need to carry around so much stuff!


  • 9 colors including metallics
  • Multiple compartments
  • Fun yet stylish looks


  • Smaller than other mom bags

Click here to see the Kipling Syro cross body bag

Best Bag for Moms who Carry Everything

S-Zone Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag

These real leather shoulder bags are among the best totes for moms with one or more kids of any age.  Available in seven colors, this S-Zone Shoulder Bag looks like anything but a mom bag.  It is super sturdy and made to last, and as the leather is genuine its finish will only improve with age.

This one has a laptop compartment plus a range of other pockets inside and out.  It’s easy to divide your stuff up and stay organized.  With a long adjustable shoulder strap it can also be worn cross body style as well as carried like a tote.  This stylish high quality bag could easily see you all the way through from babyhood to the teen years!


  • Real leather finish
  • Multiple pockets
  • Built to last


  • On the heavier side

Click here to view this S-Zone real leather tote bag

Best Bag for Moms who Beach

Beach’d Eco-Friendly Straw Tote Bag

Some of the best beach bags for moms are included in this post, The Ultimate Beach Packing List For Family Days and Holidays.  So, for this guide we decided to go for something more multi-purpose. This straw beach bag was designed in New Hampshire and ticks the eco friendly box, as well as many others.

The canvas lining is attached by poppers, so it can be taken out for washing if you get home with wet stuff or have spilled something inside.  There is a range of pockets and even a holder for a large bottle of water – or wine!  This seagrass beach bag is smart enough for days out wherever you’re headed and is far stronger than the average straw bag.  You can even take your laptop along.


  • Strong, eco-friendly seagrass
  • Neutral style goes anywhere & with anything
  • Large bottle holder compartment


  • On the pricier side

Click here to see this seagrass beach bag by Beach’d

Best Mom Bag Set

I’ve got to be honest, this wasn’t a category I had in mind when creating this post!  But then I stumbled upon this three piece set and just had to include it.  You get a large tote bag plus a smaller cross body bag, and also a little clutch with a handy wrist strap.

If you want a bag for every occasion then just buy this.  Seriously, from a diaper bag to the school run, a day out shopping without the kids or even a night off – you have it all in one package.  It’s also incredibly affordable, gets great reviews and comes in a large range of colors and patterns.


  • Great value for money
  • Tote, cross body & clutch bags
  • 6 pockets in tote bag


  • Not as durable as some

Click here to see this set of three bags for moms

Best Bags for Australian Moms


Puma Evercat Jane Tote Bag

If you want to find the best mum bag and you live in Australia (like us), then this is the first of two picks that can be shipped directly to you from Amazon AU.  Made by Puma, this is a multi-purpose tote that would work as a sports, beach, everyday or even nappy bag.

There are three colors and styles available for this best bag for mums and it’s worth checking them out as they vary quite a lot.  A great feature is the reinforced base panels that make this bag tougher than others.  There’s plenty of space inside for everything most moms and their kids need on a daily basis.

If you want to find a backpack and live in Australia, check out our post on the best mom backpacks for two more options.


  • Good value price
  • Designed for rough and tumble
  • Great all-rounder


  • Less pockets than others

Click here to view the Puma Evercat tote bag


Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag

If you want something small yet super tough, try this Travelon bag for size.  I think it’s the best handbag for mums in Australia who want something more compact.  It’s great for travel too, especially as it’s slash resistant and has built-in RFID blocking technology.

These great bags for mothers come in 3 plain colours as well as floral or striped designs.  On the outside there are two expandable pockets that are ideal for carrying a water bottle and an umbrella.  This pick of the best bags for mums can take you from the shops to the bar or even on holiday, and it’s ideal those whose kids that are past the baby or toddler stage.


  • 5 styles
  • RFID blocking and slash resistant
  • 2 expanding outer mesh pockets


  • Limited space


Click here to see this Travelon classic messenger bag


The Verdict – Which Mom Bags are Best for You?

Whether you live in the US, Australia or elsewhere in the world, I hope this guide has helped you choose the best kind of mom bag to fit your lifestyle.  As you can see, it is possible to combine good looks with everyday practicality – even when you’re on a budget.

As a solo parent with 3 kids of my own, I’ve learned how investing a little time and money in the right products really can make mom life much easier!  That’s definitely the case when it comes to the best mum handbag or mom bag.


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Best Bags for Moms | Finding the Right Mom Bag for your Busy Life

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