How To Afford To Travel Frequently With Kids

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Last Updated on December 1, 2021 by worldoftravelswithkids

How to afford to travel with kids is one of those eternal questions.  No, we don’t have a trust fund nor did we sell an app for millions!  Travel has been a priority in this eco-Mumma’s life and wanderlust is a way of life.

Therefore, there are several things that I do that are relatively easy and simple – and mean that we can travel more.  The good news is, you can do them too.  Here are some of our family tips on how to afford to travel with kids.

How To Afford To Travel Frequently With Kids

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Top Tips For How To Afford To Travel With Kids

Have Travel As A Priority

Travel is a priority for me, so I’m more likely to go on a short holiday to Bali than buy a new couch.  We can’t have it all in this life, and travel is a priority of mine (the others are love and connection with the kids).

How To Afford To Travel Frequently With Kids

Travel Dreaming (AKA Travel Research)

Some folks like to spend their evenings on Netflix; I couldn’t think of anything better than doing some good old travel dreaming.  This comes in various forms, and doesn’t cost a penny; you can read ways for free here.

As part of the dreaming phase, I get a bucket list together, set some goals, and routinely sign up to newsletters for my bucket list destinations.  For example, I’ve been hoping to get to Lombok for some time.  When I see a sale come up, I screenshot it.

As a result, I’m able to buy flights at the cheapest prices because I know what is cheap.  Also, year in, year out the airlines ** seem to ** (based on a couple of years of tracking) follow the same sales pattern.

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Develop Good Travel Planning Methods

I’ve covered extensively some of my travel planning methods at these two posts.  Yes, they are detailed, but basically, if you follow those travel planning methods you should organize a pretty damn good holiday for you and the family.

Some posts to check out would be How To Plan A Family Holiday and Family Holiday Trip Planner.

Live Modestly (Old-fashioned Or Sustainably)

I mentioned above that travel is a priority for us.  However, we also live in a relatively old-fashioned manner – aka sustainably.  All the kids’ clothes are either hand-me-downs or bought at the op shop, we have an ample vegetable garden and have our own chooks (hens).  Most importantly we shop consciously.  This means we save on our day-to-day lifestyle.

How To Afford To Travel Frequently With Kids

Travel Economically

When we are travelling, we always look for the most economical and sensible way to do something.  Having travelled extensively this mumma knows the cheapest way to get around is often by public transport, but when you are travelling with multiple people and have kids, sometimes the most sensible way is to look for private transport.

We stay in a lot of Airbnb’s as well.  The experiences range from odd to excellent – but hands down they are always nearly always the cheapest.  Plus, we always look for a place that self-caters which mean we mostly eat at home while traveling.   Take a look at our Pros And Cons Of Airbnb’s For Family Travel for more ideas.

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Family Travel Hacks For Cheap Family Travel

So there you have it – our family travel hacks/how to afford to travel frequently with a family. These are not the most amazing nor exciting tips, but they WORK.

Below are some great books on affordable family travel.  Click each to see current prices.

Another tip is that we always travel with travel insurance. Yes, you do pay upfront but this family travel hack could literally save you thousands of dollars in the long run. We always travel with insurance, it has saved us numerous times.  World Nomads have specially designed travel insurance for families! Take a look at their Family Travel Insurance here.

So if you want to travel more with your kids, creating amazing family moments then our suggestion is ** START NOW** with tip number 1 – make travel a priority for you!

How To Afford To Travel Frequently With Kids

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