Bali Destination Guide

Bali Destination Guide

Think of traveling to Bali soon, then check out our Bali destination guide filled with practical information, tips, and links to all our Bali travel with kids content.

Bali, a tiny tropical paradise, evokes images of rice paddies, volcanoes and a wonderful gentle people.  Revered by culture lovers and surfers alike, Bali packs a lot into her small area and is well loved by millions of travelers each year!


Bali with Kids

We rate Bali 5/5 for Kids

  • Kid friendly facilities – 5
  • Variation in budgets -5
  • Tourist levels – 2
  • Travel times – 4

What is the best time of year to visit Bali?

Bali’s position near the equator creates a fairly consistent temperature year round, about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this Bali has two main seasons, the rainy season and the dry season.

The rainy season is about October to March.  The rainy season is marked with oppressive humidity and frequent storms.

The dry season runs from April through September.  This is the peak travel season for Bali and, in terms of weather, is the best time to visit.  Many of Bali’s most prominent festivals also occur during this period.


When should I avoid visiting Bali?

Peak periods around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  Keep in mind tourists flock to the island in mass during typical holiday and vacation periods.  Traveling during the off-peak season can decrease costs, and the amount of other tourists you will encounter.  If you are trying to avoid the crowds and high-prices but still enjoy the dry season,  May and September are great months visit.


Bali festivals and events to plan around

*Important To Note – The rest of Indonesia is Muslim, which means that while Bali is predominantly Hindu, it can be affected by these other holidays.  It pays to do your research!*

January – Pegarwesi is typically celebrated in January.

March – The Melasti and Nyepi festivals take place take place during March.  Nyepi is a public holiday in Bali.  It is a day of reflection, mediation and fasting for the Balinese.  There is a restriction on working, talking, entertainment, and noise.  No one is allowed to roam the streets or beaches and the airport is closed.  Even though this sounds like a bad time to travel, there are many rituals that take place before and after Nyepi such as Melasti (Hindu purification ritual and ceremony) and experiencing these can be very culturally enriching.

June thru July – The Bali Arts Festival takes place mid-June to mid-July.

July –Bali Kite Festival.

August 17th – Indonesian Independence Day

Days Change Depending On Year – Galungan celebrates the victory of good over evil.  It marks the time when the ancestral spirits visit the earth.  Hindus believe this is when their deceased ancestors spirits return to the physical earth.  On the last day of the holiday, is when the spirits return.  It is a 10-day long festival and usually considered one of the most important Hindu holidays celebrated in Bali.

Other destinations in Indonesia 

Of course, Bali is just one island among many stunning islands that make up the country of Indonesia.  We would love to explore further as the kids grow older.  To whet your appetite (and ours) here are some Incredible landmarks in Indonesia.

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