9 Reasons Why Bali Is A Great First-Time Family Holiday Destination

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Bali is an excellent first-time international family holiday destination.  There are many, many reasons for this.  So if you’re wondering whether you should make Bali your first international holiday, here’s why you should do Bali with kids.

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9 Reasons Why Bali Is A Great First-Time Family Holiday Destination
Walking in rice fields in the center of Ubud.

Bali Is A Great First-Time Family Holiday Destination

#1 Bali Is Easy

Since Bali was first visited by international tourists back in the 1920s, it has entranced visitors.  As such, Bali also has a lot of established tourism infrastructure. So wherever you go in Bali, the local people are likely to be well-equipped with dealing with foreigners.  In short, this makes Bali an easy place to visit, especially for a first-time family holiday destination.

9 Reasons Why Bali Is A Great First-Time Family Holiday Destination
Beautiful sunset at Nusa Dua

#2 Bali Is Beautiful

Bali is overlooked by the stunning volcano, Mount Agung.  With blue waters, beautiful beaches, and lots of humid, warm air,  Bali is a beautiful place for a first time family holiday destination.  Bali has  Rice terraces that go up to the skies,  palm trees, frangipanis; and that’s just scratching the surface! It’s a truly gorgeous place to take your first international family holiday.

Bali is beautiful for its natural scenery, and beautiful for the nature of its people.  There is just something about Bali that captures your heart  Because Bali is so charming, it makes a wonderful place to visit for the first time as an international family holiday destination.  Bali with kids is not only fun but beautiful.

9 Reasons Why Bali Is A Great First-Time Family Holiday Destination
Staying in a restored Rice Storage house was a highlight.

#3  Accommodation For Every Budget

In the same way that Bali is easy because the tourist infrastructure is set up, Bali also has accommodation for every budget.  By this, I mean there are five star hotels catering to every whim, there are the trendy cafes in Seminyak, and there are gorgeous boutiques in Legian.  There are party places in Kuta and more sedate family hotels in Sanur.  So there are accommodations for everyone, whether it’s a one star backpackers or a five star hotel.

If you are looking for a drop dead gorgeous, Bucket List, one in a life-time stay check out The St. Regis Bali Resort. Or the Hanging Garden Of Bali Hotel in Ubud.  Another one we would love to stay in is the Padma Resort Ubud which gets rave reviews as a family oriented resort!

Whatever your dream, you find your ideal type of accommodation in Bali.  We’ve covered Bali accommodations in our post, The Best Bali Family Hotels.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, another option we’d like to explore is the Green Camp, which offers three-day courses in the environment.

While Bail is very touristy, you can also get off the beaten track by heading up north where there is still a wide range of accommodation options.  We loved Munduk, and you can read our post about Bedugul and Munduk For Families here.  Ever wanted to stay in a restored rice storage house?  Take a look at our review of the Puri Lumbung Cottages.  So in Bali, there’s something for everyone, which is why it makes a great place for a first time kid-friendly, family holiday destination.

#4 Bali Has Got Something For Everyone

You’re going to find that Bali has something for everyone.  Whether you’re a culture lover, or an adrenaline junkie, or if you are just a family looking for some cool things to do, Bali will have something you LOVE!

For example, one of the most popular places on Bali for kids is Water Bom Park.  It’s like a rite of passage for children visiting Bali! (Along with girls having their hair braided!)

For adventure lovers, there is also the Bali Botanic garden with its high Trees Adventure course which we covered in our post about Munduk here.  For the outdoors lover you can go hiking at Mount Agung, or at various places amongst the rice paddies, like Jatilweh or try the Campuhuan Ridge Walk.  Downhill mountain biking is another very popular option for adrenaline lovers, and there are lots of options out of Ubud.  Here is a great tour for mountain biking.

If your more culture is more your thing, there are plenty of temples to visit.  Some of the more famous ones like Besakih or Ulan Danu at Bedugul.  I love to sit and breathe in the atmosphere or soak up the faith.  There are also some great cultural performances in Bali, especially in Ubud where there is a daily performance program.  We especially loved the Kecak dancers.

Ubud has some great yoga places, some of which offer family friendly yoga.  And… if you’re interested in cooking – there are some great Balinese cooking schools. Ketut’s Bali Cooking Class gets some good reviews for including kids. Check here for more information.

Finally, if you like coffee why not give Kopi luwak a go!  It is civet coffee, which means it includes partially digested coffee cherries… pooped out by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus).

9 Reasons Why Bali Is A Great First-Time Family Holiday Destination
Visiting waterfalls near Munduk

#5 There’s Something For Every Taste

By taste, we mean something for every palate -and when you’re traveling with small kids you know how important it is to be able to find foods that kids will like. Or, in our case, even eat.  If your kids are a bit adventurous you can stretch them a bit.  So what we love about Bali is that you can get fish and chips, chicken nuggets, spaghetti Bolognese, for example.

If you children are interested in trying different cuisines there’s always great Indonesian food.  Though if you’re staying in a resort you have to look a bit harder as resorts really do cater for western palates.  If you’re staying in budget accommodation or in a village then it is super easy to find delicious Indonesian or Balinese food.  YUM!

Traveling to Bali with Kids
Kite making at the Westin Nusa Dua kid’s club.

#6 Bali Is Cheap

Unless you’re staying at the St. Regis Bali or the Amankila for most people Bali is a very affordable option.  You can eat a meal for twenty dollars for a whole family in a local warung, or you can eat some amazing Western style cuisine for whole family for maybe $50.  Check out our list of Best Ubud Restaurants For Families for some ideas of where to eat!

In Australia a basic lunch costs between $30 & $50 so being able to eat a full meal for $50 makes Bali is an exceptionally affordable place to visit.  Bali is certainly not the cheapest Asian destination because it is so touristy, but it is certainly a very affordable option.

#7 It Is cheap To Fly To Bali

Especially for Australians – Bali is a cheap flight.

If you are very interested in visiting Bali, you should check out our post about how to book cheap and affordable flights.  (Still needs to be finished.)

For Australians Bali is an exceptionally affordable flight destination. If you live in Perth, Western Australia, like we do, you can find flights for about $250 Australian return (for a family of four, that’s $1000 for flights).    You won’t even pay that for flights within Australia!  In fact, the cheap flights to Bali are even cheaper than the fuel for a four-day road trip within Australia!

Beautiful Bali sunset
Sunset from the Patra Jasa Resort in Tuban, a great airport hotel

#8 Bali Is A Short Flight From Australia

If you are considering Bali as your first international family holiday destination you might be nervous about how the young ‘uns will cope on an airplane.  Another reason Bali is great for first time travelers is that the flights are pretty short and doable.

From Perth (where we live) flights are just under 4 hours (like 3 hours 45 minutes! That is closer than Adelaide).  For Eastern States flights are about 6.5 hours from either Sydney or Melbourne.

That’s the kind of flight that you can easily keep your kids entertained on and, and is a great place when you’re starting out in your international travels to wet your feet.  Go to Bali for a short holiday and discover what it is like to travel with kids.

9 Reasons Why Bali Is A Great First-Time Family Holiday Destination
Norman grabbing some street food in Ubud.

#9 English Is Widely Spoken And Practice Your Indonesian

In Bali English is widely spoken which makes it an easy first destination when traveling with kids. But – even better – if your children are learning Indonesian at school as a second language (like ours are!) it also makes a very logical destination.  Being this helps them to grasp the idea of a second language, and how a language works and how to communicate using basic phrases. That our children are learning Indonesian was certainly a reason why we have loved taking a short trip to Bali!

First time in Asia? Here are some other ideas:

In general Asia is a superb place for first time travellers. Here are 10 Amazing Destinations in Asia for first time travellers.


Bali With Kids

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Bali with Kids

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