Best Ubud Restaurants for Families

Best Ubud Restaurants For Families

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Last Updated on November 5, 2019 by worldoftravelswithkids

Looking for some delicious recommendations for Ubud restaurants?  Go no further; we have some really tasty selections! And, if you are traveling with the family, we provide our experiences of eating at these Ubud Restaurants with kids.

While in Ubud our budget for our meals (for a family of four) was about $35 to $50 US per night, with the exception of the warung, which was much less.

When you are traveling with kids, it is always super important to know which restaurants provide a good experience for families.  For that reason, have titled this post “Best Ubud Restaurants For Families“.  Read on to find out our best restaurants in Ubud selections.

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Kebun Bistro

Best Ubud Restaurants For Families Kebun Restraurant


This cute little hole in the wall restaurant gets our number 1 vote out of the mentioned Ubud restaurants.  We absolutely loved it!  Located on Hanoman Street, the Kebun Bistro is about halfway down the hill, among all the trendy boutiques.  With its’ humble exterior,  you would almost miss that it has world-class cuisine.  Take a step inside, and you feel like you are in a French wine cellar.  The baroque walls are covered in frescoes, wine bottles adorn the walls, there are candelabras hanging from the ceiling, and you step into another world.

The food was delicious; the best during a week in Ubud.  Mumma enjoyed a prosciutto salad, while Papa enjoyed a tenderly prepared chicken breast.

Kebun Bistro is extremely romantic.  You can sit outside in the early evening balmy air, or we opted to sit inside where it is air-conditioned.  The responsive staff seated us around a little nook so that we were somewhat obscured from the rest of the patrons which helped us to relax and enjoy ourselves.  When you have children and they are noisy it can sometimes make you feel a bit uncomfortable.  This is one of the best restaurants in Ubud you simply cannot miss.


Kebun Bistro With Kids  

From the moment we arrived the waitresses were very alert and receptive to our needs.  They totally understood that we needed Sprite and pizzas ASAP!   The kid’s meals came so fast, they arrived at the same time as our cocktails.  They have a happy hour – 2 cocktails for 130,000 R (about $10 US).

Click here for the Kebun Bistro website and more information.

Café Lotus

Cafe Lotus Ubud


Café Lotus is located on Jalan Raya, not far from the Ubud Palace.  Immediately adjacent to the temple Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati, and you can watch the nightly show from the Café Lotus restaurant area.   Both being able to watch the show and eat at the same time made it a great option for us.   It is also interesting that the restaurant doesn’t serve beef at all, due to the proximity of the temple.

We chose the raised seated area over the lotus pond with a view of the temple.  There is a minimum charge of 220,000 IDR  to seat in that area – about $15 US.

By the time the show started at 7:30 pm, the restaurant was packed full,  especially with tour groups.  If you want to watch the show close up, then you need to pay a separate entry fee, but you get a good idea of what it is about from the restaurant.

Visually, this was the most stunning Ubud restaurants that our family ate in.   A beautiful tree arches over the temple, the glittering gold temple doors captivate, and you get to watch the comings and goings of performers preparing for a show, all the while sitting over Lotus ponds.  It was just gorgeous.

The food was good, though not overly generous portions.


cafe lotus ubud bali


Café Lotus With Kids

There weren’t a lot of kids options on the menu, which was a surprise as Ubud restaurants overall were very kid-friendly.  Little Miss was not that impressed as they didn’t have spaghetti or pizza, so she opted for a delicious lasagna.  Also,  if you have really little ones or toddlers, you wouldn’t want them to be too close to the lotus pond as you would likely spend the whole meal trying to stop them from toddling in!

Click here for the Cafe Lotus website and more information.

Jungle Fish

Jungle Fish Ubud Bali

Jungle Fish is likely one of the most Instagrammed Ubud restaurants, and with good reason.  It is gorgeous!  Located outside of Ubud itself, it is situated over a deep jungle ravine which is how you get the awesome infinity pool views out over the jungle.

This was an excellent experience!  We arrived early, about 11 am, which was perfect because we got a great spot by the pool.  By 2 pm it was very full and there were certainly few pool loungers available at that time.

We had some great poolside snack sized meals, including a goat cheese salad (which was beetroot, mandarin, goat’s cheese and rocket) and BBQ chicken wings.  This is one of the best restaurants in Ubud if for nothing else but the ambiance.


Jungle Fish with Kids

We’d first noticed this restaurant through our Insta feed, specifically other families enjoying the facilities.  On the day we visited, we were the only family and, on a couple of occasions, we felt that people sleeping or reading books would have preferred less splashing from the kids!

The whole pool is 1.2 metres depth;  so not appropriate for small children who were not accompanied 100% of the time.

Jungle Fish do have a kid’s area with a very shallow paddle pool, surrounded by some nice grass.  It would have been perfect for the 2-year-old, but not so much for the six-year old who could swim around and needs some depth.

Jungle Fish advertises itself as a beach club in the jungle and it worked perfectly for us as we had been away from the beach for about 10 days.  By this time we were well and truly ready for a day lounging around the pool and in the water.  It was a very fun day.   With the entry fees, meals, and taxi we spent close to $100 US for the whole day.

Click here for the Jungle Fish website and more information.

I think, however, for any future stays we would probably pick to stay at one of the hotels that offer a gorgeous infinity pool around Ubud.

Below is a few hotels that would be our top choices:

Alila Ubud  An absolutely stunning, 5-star hotel in Ubud with free shuttle to all the best restaurants in Ubud.  Offers free daily activities like yoga and tai chi.  Check here for current rates to stay at the Alila Ubud.

KomanekaEach room at Komaneka features a private balcony with a day bed.  Also, it is only a five-minute walk from the markets in Ubud.  Check here for current rates to stay at Komaneka.

Goya Boutique Resort – With an amazing staff, gorgeous infinity pool, and yummy breakfast Goya Boutique Resort is a great place to stay in Ubud.  The private rooms are contemporary and come with luxurious toiletries.  Check here for current rates to stay at the Goya Boutique Resort.

There is also the famous 7-star hotel, Hanging Gardens of Bali if you are looking for a splurge.


Miro’s Garden Restaurant

From the moment you climb up the set of winding steps decorated daily with fresh frangipani and arrive at Miros Garden Restaurant the ambiance strikes you.  This is an exceedingly romantic restaurant with beautiful gardens, water features, and little Balinese pavilions tucked away around little corners.  For the starry-eyed diner, this would be the most amazing restaurant to spend a romantic evening enjoying a delicious meal.   Miros gets 10 out of 10 for its romantic,  intimate atmosphere.  Once you climb the steps you are in a different world, a calm, jungle-like one, that is miles from the hustle and bustle of Ubud.

There was a varied and delicious menu that featured a lot of great Indonesian food.  Including an antipasto with dried fish and other delicacies.  The kid’s menu included our favorites, spaghetti bolognaise, and pizza.

Miro’s Restaurant For Kids

In keeping with the romantic, intimate feeling, the restaurant was quite dark.  Staff was efficient.  It was interesting that as the other patrons arrived they seated everyone around us.  We thought this was not particularly logical, as our children were tired at the end of a long day, and starting to be quite loud.  We did get a few sideways looks from the other diners.   It was not as kid friendly as a couple of the other restaurants on the list.

Click here for the Miro’s Garden website and more information.


Casa Luna

Best Ubud Restaurants For Families


Casa Luna was high on my Ubud Restaurants priority list.  The last time I was in Bali I had thoroughly enjoyed Janet O’Keefe’s memoir Fragrant Rice.  During that last trip, I was on a backpacker budget, and Casa Luna was way out of my budget and dreams.

So while my budget had changed, my expectations were through the roof.  It is difficult when you have high expectations of a place, as those high expectations need to be met, in order for you to be satisfied.  When you have low expectations of a place (or none at all) you tend to be pleasantly surprised.

Casa Luna is a big restaurant with many tables and beautiful elegant Balinese architecture.   As soon as you step inside you see the high chandelier and feel the muted conversation of elegant diners.  This place feels super classy.  There is an ample and delicious menu available and our meals were mouth-watering.  This is one of the best restaurants, or should I say, most popular restaurants in Ubud.


Casa Luna Ubud Bali


Casa Luna for Kids

There was no air-conditioning.  At the end of a hot day, this can sometimes affect the rhythm of the meal when the kids are tired and cranky.

In terms of elegant fine dining,  slow service is not necessarily a problem.  However, when you are traveling with two small children and they are clearly getting tired (as in their behavior is not perfect) then responsive wait service is deeply appreciated by the frazzled parents.  Giving them the benefit of the doubt,  it was a very atmospheric Balinese style evening’s meal for us.

Click here for the Casa Luna website and more information.


Local Warungs

For a taste of something different in the Ubud restaurant scene,  there were loads of cheaper eateries offering a filling meal for a fraction of the price of the restaurants above.  Our budget at those restaurants was in the vicinity of $50 USD per meal.  Which is decent for a family of 4 including a beer or cocktail.

But – when we ate at two local warungs, the meal cost a total of $10 US for the whole family’s meals!

Our favorite local warung was located at the top of Bisma Street.  We ate another good one up a back street from the Ubud Palace.  Our usual tester for local warungs is to see if it is well patronized by foreigners, especially backpackers.  If there are a few of them eating there we conclude that the restaurant’s hygiene is OK and people didn’t get typically sick there.

The experience of eating in the warungs was that it was hot.  There was no air conditioning.  It was fun, filled with foreigners, and we had a quick and pretty simple meal.  With plentiful rice, and lots of vegetables we enjoyed these dining experiences.   The staff was always ready to smile and engage in a bit of banter.

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Ubud Restaurants – Updated!

Since we posted on Instagram some other traveling families have shared their favorites!  Now we are literally drooling to get back to Ubud – check them out!

@RollingalongwithKids says…  We love Cafe Wayan for the kids to run around, @milkandmadu for yummy pizza and @folkubud looks amazing but we haven’t got there yet  (But looks gorgeous if you check out the pics from @some_where_west)

From  @ _georgiewatts_  my fave was Ibu Oka for their famous Babi Guling (roast suckling pig) it did NOT disappoint!

@alittleatlarge  Love Clear Cafe in Ubud. So pretty and the food is incredible.


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