Interesting Facts About Bali For Kids

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Bali.  The most famous island in Indonesia.  Its spectacular mountain scenery, tropical beaches, and the friendly Balinese people make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With thousands of tourists spending their holidays here every year, there is a lot that you’d probably know about the island. The famous surf spots, popular dive sites, and the sacred temples are no secret, and yet there is so much more to discover.  Here are our interesting facts about Bali for kids (and adults too).

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Interesting Facts About Bali For Kids
Bali’s Rice Terraces are UNESCO World Heritage Listed.

Why We Are Sharing These Interesting Facts About Bali For Kids

As family travelers we love Bali, and it is easy for me to say that Bali is one of our favorite family travel destinations in the world.  I remember my first trip to the Island of the Gods as a solo backpacker and thinking that I would hate it.  I didn’t, I loved it.  Bali is graceful, captivating and even though it is popular with tourists, it also offers plenty of chances to explore.

From Mount Agung’s presence all over the island to the ancient temples that abound on every corner, in every home, Bali is special.  Returning to Bali as a family only confirmed just how much we love this captivating island.  I’m excited to share with you some of the things we have learned, with these interesting facts on Bali for kids.

Fun Facts About Bali For Kids – History

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Enchanted by beautiful Balinese culture

Bali Was Originally Colonized By Hindu Traders

Although many other groups came to Bali during the Stone and Bronze age, Hindu traders from India were the first to colonize Bali.  The Hindu Kingdom of Bali was founded around the 5th century A.D.

In the years after many other groups came to Bali to stake their claim.  This included the Dutch East India Company, Chinese traders, and Arabs spreading the Islamic faith.  Ultimately Bali, after many battles and government upheaval Bail retained its independence as a Hindu island in Indonesia.

Interesting Facts About Bali For Kids
Bali is truly a tropical island paradise.

Bali Is Known As The Island Of The Gods

The main religion in Bali is Hinduism, combined with some Buddhist mythology.  The Balinese are deeply spiritual.  Because of this, there are many shrines (puras) and altars around the island.  This is a great Bali facts for kids and also one reason why Bali is called the Island of the Gods.

Yet another reason is that many people see Bali is an actual tropical paradise.  As if Bali is so wonderful it must be were the Gods would live.

Interesting Facts About Bali For Kids
Temples in the fields are an important part of the Subak

What is a Subak

Subak is the Balinese name for the irrigation system for the rice paddies in Bali.  The way a subak is set up is in a way that not only provides water but creates a self-sustaining ecosystem for farmers.  Bali rice fields are so famous and renowned that they have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Like with most things in Bali, subak’s are spiritual and philosophical.  Besides being a way for farmers to keep their fields irrigated, it represents a togetherness between the spirit realm, the physical world, and nature.

Besides being practical and spiritual, these Balinese rice fields are gorgeous.  They make the perfect photo opportunity and are quite an iconic site of Bali.

Fun Facts About Bali For Kids
Beautiful Bali’s beaches

Bali Facts – Geography

Where Is Bali Located

Bali is located in Southeast Asia, in the Indonesian Archipelago.  Directly to the east of Bali is East Java and directly to the west of Bali is Lombok.

It is bordered by the Indian Ocean in the south and the Java Sea to the North.  If you are looking to locate Bali on a world map, you will find it looking directly north of Western Australia.

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Why Is Bali The Most Famous Island In Indonesia

One of the fun facts about Bali is that it can be called one of the most popular items in Indonesia.  The island of Bali is known around the world as an international travel destination.  Because of its fame, it can be incredibly crowded with tourists during certain times of the year.

But why is it so famous and well-traveled?  It could be said that the landscape of Bali is unique and diverse.  Bali has everything from amazing beaches to unique Hindu temples to gorgeous rice paddies to forests filled with monkeys.  Truly there is something for everyone in Bali.  Bali is friendly to tourists and there are many world-class resorts in Bali.

The Balinese people are friendly and welcoming, open to sharing their lives and culture.

Fun Facts About Bali For Kids

Active Volcanoes

Bali is known for its volcanos.  There are two active volcanos on the island, Mt. Agung and Mt. Batur.  One interesting facts about Bali for kids is that Mt. Agung is the highest point on the island.  It is so high that it affects the climate on the island.

Then there is Mt. Batur, the most active on the island.  These eruptions, from both volcanos, have caused chaos and effected travel in and around the island.

Interest Facts About Bali – People And Culture

Bali Food Facts

Balinese Babies Are Considered Angels

One of the most interesting facts about Bali for kids is that Balinese babies are considered angels.  They aren’t even allowed to touch the ground until about three months. Why? Well, the Balinese people believe that the baby is an angel and not even part of the human race.  This period is a sort of trial period to make sure that the family is worthy of such a divine being.

After three months, a Nyambutin Ceremony is held, and the baby is welcomed and its soul is finally firmly in its body.  During the ceremony, the child is adorned with some sort of jewelry and touches the ground for the first time.

Bali Food Facts

The Balinese Keep It Simple When It Comes To Names

There are only four names that people are named in Bali.  These names are Wayan, Made, Kedek, and Ketut.  These names are as simple as they come as they only refer to the child’s birth order.  If a family has more than four kids, they just simply start over with Wayan and so on.

If everyone has the same name, then how do you tell people apart.  Well, many Balinese people will go by their nicknames.  This sets them apart from all the others with their same name.  Many nicknames are often after physical characteristics or Hindu names.

Also, interestingly, most Balinese people do not have last or family names like in Western culture. Recently, some Balinese wanting last names have made up their own.  Often having a last name is important for things like international travel.

Bali Food Facts

Bali Food Facts

Bali food is delicious! Balinese cuisine is a fusion of Hindu and Mulsim influence.  Chinese and Indian influences can be seen in Balinese food as well.

Why Is Babi Guling A Must Try Dish

Babi Guling is truly an unforgettable Balinese dish.  It is basically a pig that is roasted in whole (usually for a special gathering) that is stuffed with traditional Balinese spices.  It is one of the most famous dishes on the island.  Traditionally it was made for special occasions or family gatherings, today it can be enjoyed in restaurants by tourists as well.

One of the interesting facts about Bali is that even though it is located in Indonesia, which is proximately Muslim, Bali is prominently Hindu.  You won’t find traditional pork dishes in most parts of Indonesia because Muslims do not eat pork.  However, Bali is mainly Hindu, making Babi Guling a stand-out dish!

What About Chicken

For those that don’t eat pork, that’s ok, because there is Betutu.  Betutu is the non-pork equivalent of babi guling and another iconic Balinese dish.  Usually chicken, but sometimes duck, it is slow roasted or steamed and covered with traditional spices.  Betutu is another must-try Balinese food.

Gamelan Music Facts For Kids

Bali’s Music:  Gamelan Music Facts For Kids

What Is Gamelan Music

Gamelan music is the traditional music of the Balinese people in Indonesia.  Gamelan music is made mostly by percussion instruments such as metallophones and gongs.  It can also include instruments such as flutes made of bamboo, xylophones, and sometimes includes vocals.

Gamelan music is the traditional music played at traditional Balinese ceremonies and formal events such as weddings.

How Old Is Gamelan

Gamelan is so old, it is older than the Hindu and Buddhist culture.  One amazing Gamelan music facts for kids is that the oldest known gamelan instruments date back to the 8th century!  Those are some really old instruments.

Gamelan Music Facts For Kids

Our Conclusion – Interesting Facts About Bali For Kids

Bali, the Island of the gods, is a tropical paradise that our family loves.  We hope that we have presented some interesting facts about Bali for kids.  Our hope is that these Bali facts will make you want to explore more about this amazing place.

If you want to know about Bali for kids, or are looking for Bali family travel information, take a look at our Bali Destination Guide.

Also, if you are feeling inspired, check out our favorite travel guides for more Bali fun facts and information.  Click on each one for current prices.


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Interesting Facts About Bali For Kids

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