Trekking Peru – Lodge To Lodge Trekking With Kids

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So how did our first trekking Peru lodge to lodge with kids encounter come about?

Incredulous is the best way to describe the face of the Andean Lodges sales representative as we explained to him that we wanted to trek over 5000 meters in the high Andes with my 71-year-old mother, 5-year-old daughter, and 22-month-old son.

We discussed and discussed some more. We stressed that we were well acclimatized, fit, and healthy and there was no reason we couldn’t do it.

Andean Lodges are relatively new rural community tourism initiative in the Ausangate Region and mama traveler was desperate to visit.  We were all keen to give lodge to lodge trekking Peru a go, having never done it before –in any other part of the world.

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Trekking Peru - Lodge To Lodge Trekking With Kids
A steep start to the hike


Trekking Peru Lodge To Lodge – Our Experience

Finally, we decided that attempting their 5-day hike, which includes the world-famous Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, was unrealistic and we would just stay overnight at a road accessible lodge.

Some 4 hours after leaving Cusco we stopped for lunch at the starting point of the walk!  A beautiful open-air gourmet lunch greeted us before starting a rather steep walk through the spectacular Japura Gorge.  In retrospect, we were over-ambitious.  It was steep and slippery with drops straight to the river below.  It was not ideal for a 70 plus year old that was being clung to by a 5-year-old.  Mamma traveler was unsteady as well, carrying the 22-month-old in the Deuter trekking packOther trek packs to consider:

Trekking Peru - Lodge To Lodge Trekking With Kids
Open air gourmet lunch


We had a very hairy half hour or so as the assistant guide held each of us through the narrow, tricky sections of the trek!

However, once through the gorge the trekking was flat up against the valley of the Quencomayo River.  With lovely meadows and an enchanting alpine feel, we crossed a good number of ice-cold creeks flowing straight from the glaciers.  Alpacas ran free, gazing at us curiously while neighboring kids ran along and played.

We reached the first lodge within 3 hours – about twice the time advertised.  This was appropriate given we were a multi-generational trekking group.


Hiking Peru - Lodge To Lodge Trekking With Kids
Our multi-generational lodge to lodge trekking team


Arrival at the Peru lodge was a welcome relief even after just a few hours of trekking.  There is a wonderful view of the snow-capped Mount Jatun Jampa from the lodge and you very much feel you are in the mountains.

The next day we had the option to hike up to an alpine lake but ended up having a horse ride and playing around the lodge.  Kids can enjoy pretty much anything!  And what a playground it was with 360-degree mountain views and alpacas grazing nearby.

Since having kids we have had to accept that sometimes a 5-day trek is not an option but we also seek out experiences that feel adventurous with young ones. This was a wonderful experience for all made possible by the flexibility of the Andean Lodges!


Peru Lodge to Lodge Hiking with Kids
Easy trekking through the valley to the lodge.

Should I Do Trekking Peru Lodge To Lodge, With My Kids?

Our Disclaimer: Each family is different.  Keep in mind, while you are staying in a lodge, this is also a very high altitude and remote area.  We wouldn’t recommend this excursion for people who aren’t comfortable being in remote places.  Now would we recommend it for people that have not acclimatized for a week or more at Cusco, with day trips to high places?  Given pre-verbal kids (eg, our 22-month-old) are not able to communicate their symptoms you must be well acclimatized to avoid any potential acute mountain sickness!


Our post, Trekking With Toddlers In The Andes is a MUST READ for anyone considering this excursion or any high altitude trekking with small kids.


Peru Lodge to Lodge Trekking with Kids


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Peru Lodge to Lodge Trekking with Kids


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