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We often talk about our dreams of raising global citizens; Womadelaide with kids advances that dream over one amazing long weekend each.  Each March Adelaide, South Australia celebrates the world’s music through its music, food and by embracing diversity.

AB Original was an awesome act

We are not hippies, but we are a multicultural family living in Australia and the feeling you get at WOMADelaide is one that we would love to see as a model for our world!   We are not rockers, nor frequent music festival goers… but this is one event that we love to attend.   Totally packed with other families, Womadelaide with Kids is better than a festival without kids because we see “in practice” a world with empathy and understanding of race, colors and diversity…

For a weekend we are part of a community that celebrates our common humanity, and we focus on what unites us, not separates us.  We can still enjoy music that is not sung in our language – we appreciate it for its beats, its artistry and emotion – without ever understanding the lyrics.    We focus on not our differences but our commonalities and the great richness that occurs in the world.

At Womadelaide we get to travel around the world in 4 days.  Like when we travel; our eyes are opened, our minds challenged.   At WOMADelaide, we celebrate the world’s rich diversity, its amazing beats and food.  In our “mainstream” daily life we experience that sometimes minority voices are silenced; so it’s amazing to have them out in the open and celebrated by a mixed crowd.  People from all walks of life are there – it’s not just one type or group of people and that is what makes it WOMADelaide.

You could say it’s the vibe, the atmosphere or the magic, but it’s much more than that.   Its lots of ordinary people like you and me, celebrating our wonderful world and its’ HUMANITY!

What is WOMADelaide with Kids (or without kids)?

Now 25 years old,  WOMADelaide initially started as a was a joint venture between the Adelaide Festival and the UK based WOMAD organisation, established by Peter Gabriel in 1982 for the presentation of a festival presenting the World Of Music, Arts and Dance from around the globe.

While music is the ‘headline’ act at WOMAD there is much more and these are some of our favourite parts!  There is KidZone (you could spend your whole time here)

For more info:  https://www.womadelaide.com.au/info/history

WOMADelaide with Kids: More info?

Why do we like events like WOMADelaide?  Read more About Us

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