Travel Packing List – 1 week to Departure

This travel packing list, designed for 1 week before departure is designed to help, because let’s face it, the week before we go on a trip is stressful!

There are a lot of positive benefits of travel and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. BUT – the week before you head off is always very FULL! And, for us, the levels of stress rise in correlation with the amount of time you will be away.

Travel is essentially a pause in your ‘real life’ which is why it’s so alluring. You get away from routine, see new things and because it’s “special” everyone is happy!

But because it’s a pause in “home life” it means that all the things that you would normally do, need to be done in advance.

once you get to the airport and checked in, the holiday can really start!

Having been self-employed for 9 years I’m familiar with the pros and cons of having independent income – which likely I will write about in more detail in another blog. However, holidays always get me; because it’s very hard to put businesses “on hold” – the work doesn’t stop coming. Even though I have a number of super capable staff and assistants, my tasks don’t disappear because I am on holiday. They just build up. Or, in the case of Social Media, you need to program your posts well in advance. So even though I am relatively well organised, the week before we travel is super stressful!

Also, whenever I googled Travel Checklists, I couldn’t find one that worked for me. Often it was long lists of clothes or bathroom items, all very useful for the actual day of packing BUT not useful in getting my life and travel sufficiently organised in advance.

I intend to at some stage share my 1 month before departure checklist – still in draft form – and if not too frantic, my ‘Departure Day Checklist.’

This is my 1 week until departure Travel Checklist. I’d love it if you would drop into the comments if this is useful to you – or what i have missed!

Travel Checklist – 1 week to go CHECK Notes
Check the Long Range Travel Forecast
Travel Items – check they are all working, clean, ready to go
Pram clean and clear of toys
Slings / Baby Harness
On board bag
Kids Backpacks
Packed 5 outfits for each of kids (so they don’t get worn).
Also packed – shoes, underwear & socks
1 x out of season outfit, a sweater/jumper in summer
Bathers, rashies, goggles
Shampoo, Conditioner & Travel sized toothpaste
Medical Kit – check it has got everything
Sunburn cream/ insect repellent
Specific things to the trip
(go through itinerary thinking about what we might need day to day)
Kids Activities
Snacks (sufficent for at least 48 hours)
Reading books (small/light)
Playing toys (small light and compact)
Coloring in, drawing)
Card games
School related
Talk to teacher or remind them of trip
Get extra work
Money/ enough cash on hand/ credit cards ok
is cash easily acessible from ATM card.
Have I printed out booking details?
Got tickets?
** reminder on phone to do online check in 48 hours prior
Backup computers, phones, ipads
Make sure I have got enough space on camera cards
House and Home related
Pets – got enough pet food?
Garden Watering – organised?
Check if any bills will be due while away/ pay in advance
Plan out meals so all perishables get used up.
Tell the neighbours we will be going

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