Our family travel medical kit

What goes in our family travel medical kit?   This is our list of what we have included!

A confession:  Even as a backpacker into my thirties my mother packed a medical kit for me.  However, on the last few international trips I began to develop my own, principally because as a mother I finally had to grow up!

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In many ways, the family travel medical kit closely resembles the one that you have at home.  the main difference of course is the addition of having medicines that are appropriate for your children’s age.

Our medical kit has been housed in a variety of old bathroom bags until a recent trip to our Op Shop (Thrift Shop) when we got an old medical kit for just $1!  Alternatively look at using an old lunch box that will keep the bottles etc better protected in the case of knocks.

This is our list; we are not medical experts but this is what we have included in our medical kit, including some brand names.

We have a printed out copy of the list in our medical kit which makes it easier to note down what has been used on the trip, and is a handy checklist to get ready the next trip.  This has been a life saver over a couple of trips!

What goes in our Family Travel Medical Kit?

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family travel medical kit, Family first aid kit, family first aid kit for travel


Where can I buy a Family Travel Medical Kit?

Don’t have time to DIY,  then there are a range of  medical kits on the market.  These provide a wide range of different products that are likely to be useful in many situations. We have one from St John Ambulance Australia in our car and it has everything you need… but it doesn’t have things like children’s medicines or anti-diarrahoea or vomiting.

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Not getting distracted but a kids medical kit keeps the little ones busy for hours…. and is the kind of game that can be played over and over again.



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