5 Pro Tips For Using Packing Cubes For Family Travel

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Have you ever wondered how other people are using packing cubes?  If you are wondering whether packing cubes are for you – what are the pros and cons of packing cubes (link) – can help answer that question.

Once you have bought the packing cubes – you, of course, want to get the best use out of them. We believe rolling our clothes works best –both for storage and for keeping them without wrinkles.

5 Pro Tips For Using Packing Cubes For Family Travel
Master 5’s small packing cube and clothes.


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Our 5 Pro Tips For Using Packing Cubes For Family Travel

One – Different Colors For Each Family Member

After you decide your budget and which packing cubes are right for your family, try to get different colors for each person of the family.  For example, blue for the boys, pink for the girls, green for mum, and orange for dad.  That way, when you look into the suitcase, you immediately know which packing cube belongs to each person.  This helps alleviate digging through or having to empty your suitcase to find a particular item.  This is one of the best ways of using packing cubes is a great family travel tip.

Below are some travel cubes, in one of our favorite brands, Eagle Creek.  Click each one for current prices.

Two – Packing Swimwear

Pack all the swimwear in one packing cube so that it is easily accessible.  You can purchase waterproof packing cubes so that when you have finished in the pool and need to pack up, you can put your wet bathers into that cube and not worry about everything else in your suitcase. There’s definitely nothing worse than having a wet bag in your suitcase getting other stuff wet.

Three – Using Packing Cubes For Dirty Laundry

Have a spare packing cube to use as a dirty laundry cube.  This pro tip for using packing cubes is a game-changer!

One of the things is that when you’re packing your suitcase before you leave home, it’s absolutely super-duper organized.  If you then take clothes out and wear them, you eventually need to pack it back into your suitcase; no one wants to mix their dirty and clean clothes.  The dirty packing cube is very important for keeping the suitcase organized while at the same time, maximizing your capacity to carry.

dirty laundry travel bags
I use this mesh bag for dirty laundry

Four – Have A Pajama Cube

In addition to having a cube for each person, also have a pajamas cube.  This means you have the nightwear for the whole family in one cube.  Arriving late night at the hotel, you can just go into that pajamas cube and voilà, you’ve got all your pajamas there easily and accessible.

If you don’t have room for a specific pajama cube, you could also consider if the kids need to sleep in pajamas at all.  They can sleep in shorts and tee-shirts and then maybe you don’t need to pack pajamas at all!

5 Pro Tips For Using Packing Cubes For Family Travel

Five – Pick The Right Cube

Look for a packing cube with a clear mesh on the front so that you can see what’s in that cube. The mesh ones are some of the best packing cubes on the market.  If you can’t get everything you’re looking for in one cube, you can also just tag it with a little tag so that you can easily identify which ones belong to which person.

eagle creek packing cubes
The clear mesh on the front of this cube helps you to identify who it belongs to!

You could also buy multiple sizes of travel cubes in each family members’ particular color.  That way, you can stay even more organized.

Below are some great travel cube sets.  Click each one for current prices.

Steps for using packing cubes

Here are the steps we use for using packing cubes for family travel. The first step (not pictured) is to choose the clothes.  We usually take 5 sets of clothes of mix n match, depending on the length of holiday and how easy it will be to wash the clothes.

5 Pro Tips For Using Packing Cubes For Family Travel
Step 1: Tightly roll the clothing
packing tips
Step 2: Put all the rolled clothes together
how to use travel packing squares
Step 3: Fit all rolled clothes into your packing cube
5 Pro Tips For Using Packing Cubes For Family Travel
Step 4: Zip up

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5 Pro Tips For Using Packing Cubes For Family Travel

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