A Tesalate Towels Review: A Sand Free Beach Towel

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If you are interested in learning more about Tesalate Beach Towels, you have come to the right place.  In our Tesalate Towel review, we cover the sand free aspects of the towels, their lifetime guarantee, and just how easy it is to carry them!

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Tesalate Beach Towel Review

Why Are We The Family To Review Tesalate Beach Towels

We spend a lot of Australia’s warmer summer months at the beach.  So, I think it’s fair to say that we are regular beachgoers and love the beach!  I have always loved the beach – the fresh air, the water … but not the sand.  Especially the piles of wet, sandy towels that we lug home at the end of the day!

As a mother I’ve actually thought on more than one occasion, “we are not going to the beach today because I can’t cope with all the sand through the car, laundry, and in the bathtub”.  When I get home from a beach trip I always spend some time hand rinsing the bathers and towels in order to get the worst of the sand off, before putting the towels and swim gear in the washing machine.

Tesalate Beach Towel Review

When we were offered the chance to do a Tesalate Towel review, I jumped at the idea.  Anything that reduces the amount of sand in our car would be a boon!  Plus, these beach towels have a near cult following and I was keen to know if they were as good as they sound!

We were gifted a double-sized Tesalate Beach Towel at my request.  This is not only the perfect size for family days at the beach but also as a picnic rug.  Lucky for us, we received our Tesalate Towels at the beginning of summer and had lots of opportunities to road test it.  Of course, my biggest interest was the Tesalate Beach Towel really sand-free?

Up front disclosure: We prefer to be honest with our readers!  We received this Tesalate Beach Towel free for the purpose of this review.  However, as always, these are our own honest experiences!

Tesalate Beach Towel Review


What Are The Features Of The Tesalate Beach Towels

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty features.

  • Tesalate Beach Towels are made from a unique microfiber called AbsorbLite which is designed for sand to slide off the towel.
  • In addition, this innovative AbsorbLite material means that the Tesalate Towels dry very quickly compared to a standard beach towel.
  • This amazing fabric is also more absorbent than a regular towel as well!
  • As the Tesalate Beach Towels are made from this unique fabric they roll up into a very compact space and fit easily into your bag!

Tessellate Beach Towels


As soon as you take a look at the Tesalate website you will be wowed by their style.  These beach towel designs are seriously gorgeous and there is something for everybody.  From Bora Bora to Tuscany to the Aegean, these superlative Australian designs have got beachy options, floral patterns, bohemian beauty, and the truly out there, with the Ray Of Sunshine!  Or if you are conservative in your taste, but want the great benefits offered by the Tesalate fabric, then you could go with something like the Keepin It Classic or Byron.  These designs look more like your classic beach towel.

I was super impressed to hear that these towels are all Australian-designed.  I love supporting Aussie businesses.  Their story is great, they were a small local company who really found something that people found both USEFUL and beautiful and they have grown from there!

The Tesalate Beach Towel that is featured in these pictures is an Alchemist XL.  If the design wasn’t enough, the reverse of the towel also is an attractive black and white design that appears on all Tesalate Towels!  So depending on your mood you have two designs to pick from!

Look at all the different choices of Teslate Towels on Amazon.  Click each one for current prices and to see all the other designs offered.

Tessellate Beach Towels


The Tesalate Beach Towel is 160cm x 80cm / 63 x 31 inches.  Compared to other beach towels this is quite long.

The oversized beach towel, which Tesalate describes as a “towel for two” is 160cmx 160cm/ 63 x 63 inches.  This is the towel pictured, and it is a very ample family towel and we love it.

Uses Of Tesalate Towels

As we have an XL Tesalate Beach Towel.  It’s big enough to be used as a picnic rug and is the perfect size for a bunch of kids and their mama on the beach.  The best thing is that when you fold up this super-size double towel it’s MUCH smaller than one of our normal beach towels.

Apart from using the Tesalate Towel at the beach, we have used it at the river, and as a picnic rug at the park, and even in our backyard!

I’ll let you into a secret: I am seriously considering buying a single towel for my own use!  In short, I am totally sold.

Other Bonuses Of The Tesalate Beach Towels

Quick Dry

There are two aspects of Tesalate’s quick-dry feature that I love.  Firstly, it means that the towels can be dry even before you leave the beach.  Secondly, when you are traveling you aren’t lugging around wet – and smelly – towels.  They are dry in half the time.

Tesalate claims that this towel dries in half the time of a regular towel!  I tested it – and I think that is more or less right.  It was not a scientific experiment, but it was definitely drier much quicker than a standard beach towel.

Don’t forget the towel is also ultra-absorbent which means that when it dries you, it does become very heavy as it is retaining a lot of water.

Tesalate Towel Review
Using the Tesalate carry bag as car key and phone protection/storage while I am on the beach!


Our Tesalate Towel arrived folded inside a compact black pouch.  The pouch easily fits into a handbag or beach bag, making it easy to bring with you everywhere.  I’ve taken to using the pouch to put my car keys and phone in while I am at the beach.  This makes them easy to locate, but the sand is kept off them!

Small And Compact

Given the Tesalate Towels are made from a light and innovative material, it means that rolled up they are small and very easy to carry.

Even though the actual size of the double towel is 160cm x 160cm which is large – and it weighs 1kg, it fits easily in the bag and doesn’t feel burdensome to carry around.   There are other nice touches, like a hanging hook which make you smile.

Lifetime Guarantee

I love a brand that believes in its product!  That is Tesalate to a TEE!  They want you to love your towel … and state on the website.

“We want you to love your Tesalate towel.  If you don’t, return it or exchange it for free even if you have used it.  No questions asked. We’ll even pay for return shipping.

Tesalate Towel Review
On the washing line drying at home!

Care Of The Tesalate Beach Towel

We’ve had the towel for about three months and so far it’s been given a pretty rigorous assessment!  I’ve thrown it into the washing machine on a cold cycle or cold rinse with my other beach towels and it still looks like new.  There are no pulled threads which are a common feature of normal towels.

Who Are Tesalate Towels For

I am convinced – the Tesalate Beach Towels are for everyone – especially those who don’t like sand.  I haven’t given the Tesalate workout towel a go, but they have another special fabric that is anti-bacterial and that sounds good to me.

In addition to buying myself a Tesalate Towel, I am seriously considering buying a couple for the family next Christmas.  You know “those people that have everything”!  I feel like they might NOT have a sand-free beach towel and that they would love them!


sand free beach towel

Tesalate Towels – The Verdict

After several months of owning our Alchemist Tesalate Towel – I’m sold!  I intend on investing in a new single towel for myself pretty soon, and I think that really explains how much I love this towel.

So, do Tesalate Towels provide a sand-free beach towel experience?  Well, sand still gets on them.  However, it slides right off and doesn’t stick to the fabric in the same way it does with other towels.

In addition to the ‘sand-free’ concept, they are also less bulky and easier to carry than a traditional towel.  In addition, they are just really pretty to look at! And you know – having an attractive towel on the beach is a great thing!

In conclusion, I hope you have found our Tesalate Towel review illuminating and helpful.  These really are great sand-free beach towels.  And yes, I do highly recommend the sand free, quick-dry Tesalate Beach Towel.  Check out the Tesalate Towel website for all your options.  Or, if you prefer Amazon, Tesalate Towels are available on Amazon as well.  Check here for Tesalate Towels on Amazon.

beach towel sand free

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A Tesalate Towels Review: Enjoy A Beach Towel Sand Free!

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