Best Sacred Valley Family Hotels

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This post, Best Sacred Valley Family Hotels, is best read in conjunction with our post Where To Stay In The Sacred Valley With Kids?

We have stayed in all of these places we recommend over a period of 7 years.  In addition, we have had friends stay in others and let us know what they thought.  If we haven’t stayed in a place we will let you know.

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Recommended Urubamba Family Hotels

Aranwa Sacred Valley Wellness & Spa

This place a “resort” in every sense of the word.  It’s very beautiful (and kid friendly), and also surreal because it doesn’t feel like Peru.  It incorporates the Antigua Hacienda Yaravilca and its chapel but also has a very large new, modern section with large rooms, modern decor, big windows, and a Peruvian throw rug to complete it.

Best Sacred Valley Family Hotels
Staying at the Aranwa, Sacred Valley

This is definitely a good kid-friendly option.  While we were staying there were about 4 families, and like us, spent quite a lot of time at the ‘sun heated’ pool and eating kids menus.

They have a wellness spa and a number of activities like a huge terrarium, shops, orchards, animals like llamas and alpacas, and herbarium.  The massive stain glass window in the foyer was a winner with Miss 2.5.  Check here for current prices to stay at the Aranwa Sacred Valley Wellness & Spa.


Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba

The newest hotel on this list and one that we have not yet stayed at, the recently opened Hacienda Urubamba is top of our bucket list for our next trip to Peru. Why? Inkaterra is an eco-conscious, ethical Peruvian hotel operator that are top of their class – with an eye for detail and an understanding of understated Peruvian style elegance, these guys have created some of the most gorgeous hotels we have ever stayed at with their properties in Cusco and Aguas Calientes. With rooms and casitas, we are particularly interested in their An Earth to Table which is an organic plantation where guests are welcome to pick their own produce with Carbon-free crops such as quinoa, Urubamba giant corn, medicinal herbs and a variety of potatoes!  Check here for current rates to stay at the Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba.


Sonesta Posadas del Inca Yucay

Best Sacred Valley Family Hotels
We loved the gardens at the Sonesta Yucay

Amazing gardens, colonial buildings – full of atmosphere and so very pretty, this is a good value for money and a charming hotel.  The Traditional rooms are pretty small, but we stayed with a Superior room with balcony.

This hotel belongs to the chain Sonesta and comes with that consistent feeling that chain hotels provide. That said, this is also a very unique hotel with abundant flowers and gardens and a chapel. Little Miss adored playing in the gardens here, and this is an excellent mid-range option for families.  Check here for current rates to stay at the Sonesta Posadas del Inca Yucay.


Best Sacred Valley Family Hotels
Casa Colibri was just wonderful

Casa Colibri Eco Lodge

The garden of this small family run eco-hotel is absolutely wonderful.  There are flowers everywhere, and there is an organic vegetable garden which they use for the meals served at the hotel.  There is a small Bird hide for birdwatching, a yoga studio, and ecological information about the plants around the garden.

Casa Colibri Eco Lodge has several bungalows, that can be used for families or as individual hotel rooms.  There are no televisions in the rooms, nor wi-fi.  However, you can get wi-fi in the reception if desired. This is one of the more basic Sacred Valley family hotels listed.  However, it is still absolutely fantastic.

This is a lovely family hotel, under the shadows of the mountains of the Sacred Valley.  Check here for current rates to stay at the Casa Colibri Eco Lodge.


Sol y Luna

The funky restaurant at the Sol y Luna

Sol y Luna is one of our favorite Sacred Valley family hotels, for numerous reasons!  There are well appointed casitas (little houses) set among abundant gardens – sufficiently separated by gardens to make each Casita feel secluded and special.

The decoration in common areas has been done by a Limeno artist and is very memorable, quirky and fun!  This really adds to the atmosphere of the site and makes it a fun place to stay.

They have a pool which they said was popular on sunny days as it is tot heated. Sol y Luna has a spa and also a very well-known restaurant Wayra.  In addition, they support a social project for children of the Sacred Valley. Sol y Luna is the type of hotel that ticks all the boxes.  Check here for current rates to stay at Sol y Luna.

Urubamba also has a range of great options for a longer stay, should you want to book through Airbnb.


Recommended Yanahuara Family Hotels

Hotel Hacienda del Valle

Hotel Hacienda del Valle is located up a winding dirt road quite some way up into the mountains.  It’s an older style lodge.  So, correspondingly, more affordable than many of the other Sacred Valley family hotels.

With large 1980s style rooms, well-appointed with Peruvian furnishings and a big bathroom with a bath, this was a winner for our family.  A cot was set up in the corner upon our arrival and the kids had an awesome time playing in the expansive gardens, full of streams, nooks and crannies.   An on-site restaurant provided a range of meal options.  Check here for current rates to stay at Hotel Hacienda del Valle.


A spacious room with cot greeted us at the Hacienda del Valle

Casa Andina Private Collection Yanahaura

We have not yet stayed at this hotel, but it’s high on our Sacred Valley family hotels priority list. Firstly, the Casa Andina chains of hotels always show excellent attention to detail when designing their hotels, combining modern amenities with some Peruvian characteristics. With locally styled cabanas, in the shadow of the mountains, at the Casa Andina Yanahuara are views of the mountains and grounds on the rooms.

Reviews rave about the grazing llama on the grounds and mention a playground.  We haven’t verified that there is a playground; please ask if you are booking.  This is definitely a place we hope to stay soon.  Check here for current rates to stay at Casa Andina Private Collection Yanahaura.



lovely gardens at the Inkallpa

We stayed in this hotel back in 2009 pre kids and when it was first built.  We would love to return.  Especially as it’s just as beautiful, but a lot more affordable than some of the big name hotels.

A, great experience in Yanahauara, a tiny village that drowses in the Sacred Valley’s eternal sunlight.  Custom designed hotel rooms, with Spanish showers and king beds.  Rooms have lovely views of mountains or gardens.  A fantastic place to enjoy a quiet night!  Check here for current rates to stay at Inkallpa.


Recommended Ollantaytambo Family Hotels

Pakaritampu Hotel

We love this hotel and have stayed a couple of times.  The rooms are large and simple, with 4 to 6 rooms making up a stand-alone house. The grounds of Pakaritampu are amazing, full of little paths, gardens and even some resident alpacas on the top level of the Andenes (typical Incan stone walls).

This hotel is on the main road to the train station, just a short walk to the station.  However,  it is serene and peaceful.  It had great gardens and lawns which make an excellent place for kids to run and play.  You feel like you are in the depths of the Sacred Valley even though you are actually in the village.

It’s several hundred meters walk up a busy road to the center of the village.  There are cute little tuk tuks (called motos in Peru) that will bring you back to the hotel for a small fee.  This is the most practical hotel in Ollantaytambo to stay in with kids, but also one of the pricier.  However, nothing in comparison to the 5 star hotels in other parts of the Sacred Valley.  Check here for current rates to stay at the Pakaritampu Hotel.



El Albergue

This is not only an Ollantaytambo institution but one of the most charming hotels in all of Peru with the El Albergue hotel actually in the Ollantaytambo train station.

The original hotel, with creaking floors, and polished wood is lots of fun and we stayed here pre-kids.  They’ve since built a second wing out the back. The new wing has beautiful rooms set among the garden and have shown excellent attention to detail.  These rooms are much quieter than the front rooms.

With the excellent Café Mayu on site, and the sound of trains coming and going this is a unique place to stay. They also have an organic orchard and some play equipment.  Check here for current rates to stay at El Albergue.


new rooms at the back of El Albergue hotel

Looking for something different in Ollantaytambo, then why not look at a complete list of hotels in Ollantaytambo?

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Best Sacred Valley Family Hotels



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