Peru For Kids – Advice For Traveling To Peru With Kids

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Is Peru with kids feasible? We totally think so, having made numerous trips to Peru with kids.  A bit of preparation and good planning, and we think that you can definitely take on a family trip to Peru. Here is our guide to Peru for kids, advice for traveling to Peru with kids.

Peru For Kids – Insider Advice For Traveling To Peru With Kids

Photographic models are common in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. They are also very friendly.

Peru Is Family Friendly

Peruvians love kids.  Full stop.  Everywhere in Peru, people will likely be interested in your kiddos and want to know more.  It is a great way to get to know the locals, and you will find that people are generally warm and welcoming.

The center of Lima has shaken off its reputation and is a gorgeous place to visit.

Peru Has Great Infrastructure And Has Cleaned Up It’s Act In Recent Years

Yes, in the past Peru did have a pretty bad rep.  There was most definitely pickpockets in the major tourist areas and other types of petty crime.  Well, now it is rare.  There has been a concerted effort to clean up and make things safe.  Tourist police are everywhere and you rarely hear of the type of crimes that made Peru known as a slightly dangerous destination.

Peruvian Cuisine Is Famous But There Is Also Plenty Of Peru For Kids Food

Peru is cosmopolitan.  In addition to some really yummy (but no so kid-oriented) dishes like ceviche, the locals also routinely eat roasted chicken, a yummy Peruvian version of Chinese food, and pizza is popular!  They also love a good guinea pig (cuy) or two but don’t tell your kiddos that one.

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A less than picture perfect shot at Machu Picchu.

You Don’t Have To Hike If You Go To Peru – There Are Lots Of “Easy” Options

We have a load of child-friendly suggestions on our website, researched over numerous visits to Peru with children aged between 0 and 5 years.  Taking the train to Machu Picchu has been a highlight for our kids.  Also, exploring the beautiful Sacred Valley was an amazing experience in Peru for kids.  You must certainly do not have to strenuously hike to enjoy all the Peru has to offer.

Peru for kids works because there is so much to do a see and you can adapt your holiday to your family’s ages and abilities.  Start by checking out Cusco With Kids, Sacred Valley Peru with Kids and Things To Do In Lima For Kids.

Taking the train. They don’t look very enthusiastic, but they actually loved it!

There Are Plenty Of Upmarket Hotels And Resorts Where English Is Widely Spoken

Did you know there are more 5-star hotels in Cusco than backpackers?  If you are traveling with a mid-range budget you can be assured of good quality lodging and in some cases even oxygen in the rooms.

As Peru is very touristed, English is also widely spoken.  Also, if your kids are learning Spanish, Peruvian Spanish tends to be easier to understand than some other Latin American countries who speak very fast and in a garbled way!

Mumma spending some time in the Sacred Valley

Good Acclimatization Is Vital For Peru With Kids

One major and valid concern parents have is how to properly acclimatize with their children.  Having done this many times with my family, my suggestion would be to check out our post Tips For Acclimating To Altitude With Kids.

We have never taken Diamox (the altitude sickness prevention tablets) but if you think that you would like to be very sure.  Do ask your doctor about options.

Meeting the local’s pet alpaca. At least one of ours has a hat on!

You Can Get Really Sun-burnt In Peru

Whether on the hot dry coast, on in the mountains of the Andes, the sun in Peru really burns.  Make sure you protect yourself and your littlies really well against the sun!

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Other General Questions About Peru With Kids

In general, Peru is a safe country to travel to.  Accidents or crimes can happen anywhere in the world, but in general, if you follow good common sense, stay in a mid-range accommodation or above, and acclimatize sensibly you should encounter few problems.

I do talk about budgets because the more you spend the better services you receive.  For example, if you hire a private car and driver they should, in general, be better drivers and the cars well maintained.  However, accidents can happen anywhere.

The stunning Amazon jungle

Malaria & Other Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

If you wish to travel to the jungle (for example Puerto Maldonado or Iquitos) then mosquito-borne illnesses are of consideration.  Our full post Traveling And The Risk Of Malaria In Kids explores the considerations.

Yellow Fever

Peru is officially a yellow fever country, with the disease occurring in the Amazon.  If you are over 9 months of age you should be vaccinated.  Yellow fever vaccination does affect travelers if you are flying back to countries with strict quarantine laws immediately after being in Peru.  Australia is one such country and so is Costa Rica.  Our baby was denied boarding as she had not been vaccinated against Yellow Fever.  In short: if you choose not to get the shots, make sure you will be allowed into your next travel country!

Get good travel insurance

Having good travel insurance is vital for us when travelling to Peru with kids.   The peace of mind that it offers outweighs the cost of the policy.   Make sure you get a comprehensive travel policy that provides medical attention, evacuation (from isolated places) as well as more standard features like covering you for cancellation of services or theft…   We have used World Nomads Family Travel Insurance, but you will need to make sure it suits your family.


Don’t let them pet dogs, or go anywhere near them.  This is not Peru specific advice, but advice to kids in any developing country.

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22 month year old and some local dogs… are they after his lunch box?

Independent Vs Organized Travel

If you are an experienced, independent traveler then go for it.  Peru is a well organized country and not hard to get around.

If you are not so experienced, or a little nervous traveling to Peru with your family for the first time, then contracting an experienced, kid-friendly travel operator makes good solid sense.  A travel operator makes sure you will get from A to B, and if there are any issues, will sort them out for you.  After all, you want to enjoy the holiday and having your logistics sorted out by an operator makes it less stressful.

We always look for a local company so you can work with them directly.  If you book through someone in your home country they will subcontract to someone in Peru (or even subcontract through a number of companies) and this can cause a lot of headaches.  It is better to deal directly with someone on the ground in our opinion.


Peru has an amazing thing called ‘atencion preferencial’ which basically means that if you are traveling with children you can skip the queue.  Better still, the locals know this and will usher you to the front of the line.  Bonus points if you are pregnant, they always look after a pregnant woman in lines and public places!


At Machu Picchu

Final Thoughts On Traveling To Peru With Kids

Peru is a beautiful country, and wonderful places to travel with children. With great food, great tourist infrastructure and truly friendly people, it is a great place to travel with family.  We can’t wait to explore more of Peru with kids.  Take a look around our website, we have many Peru for kids resources.

Also, we can recommend some great books on Peru for kids and adults alike.  Take a look below at our suggestions.

These are our favorite Peru for kids and adults books. Click each one for more information.

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  • Thanks for all of this information. Peru is on our list. I’ve been as a backpacking early 20 something and hoping to take the kids one day! The train from Cusco to Aquas Caliente was an amazing train ride so pretty out of the windows. #fearlessfamtrav

  • My kids would have a hard time staying away from the dogs! But otherwise, I think they’d really enjoy Peru. Thanks for sharing these great tips and info! #fearlessfamtrav

  • You are the font of all knowledge on Peru with kids. We haven’t made it there yet but its high on the list! Will definitely be seeking out your posts when we do. #fearlessfamtrav

  • Peru has long been on my wish list! I know lots of friends who have been there and they can’t say enough good things about the people, the food and, of course, all the amazing things there are to see there. One day!

  • Very happy to have come across this via #fearlessfamtrav. We’re heading to Peru next year (our kids will be 8 & 10). Am pinning your post, and the one on hiking from Lodge to Lodge to revisit over the next few months.

    • I’m glad you found it useful… Please if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. We’re planning to go next year as well, I’m already salivating over the exciting things we can do!!!