Packing Tips For Peru With Kids

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Last Updated on February 18, 2020 by worldoftravelswithkids

Once you have planned the logistics of your trip, you need to get packing for Peru!  These are our tried and tested packing tips for Peru with kids.

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Packing For Peru With Kids Tips


Don’t forget to apply for the little people’s passports early!  Also, keep in mind that each country has different regulations in regards to the travel of minors.  For example,  in Australia permission to travel is given by both parents when you apply for the passport.  However, in Peru if you are traveling without the child’s other parent, you need a specific letter giving you permission to take the child out of the country.


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Pushing the pram in Ollantaytambo -take a look at those cobblestones!  It explains the needs for a robust pram with good wheels!


In 2015 Australian parents are in the grip of an enormous vaccination debate as it’s increasingly popular to NOT vaccinate one’s children against basic childhood diseases.  It is such a big issue the government has even proposed removing family benefits from those parents who don’t vaccinate!  I am aware of the arguments against vaccination and question my decision to inject my gorgeous little 5-year-old with a number of extra vaccines.  Then, on the other hand, the idea that Master L, with his propensity to eat dirt and whatever he encounters on the path, won’t be vaccinated, is just as alarming.

I realize that I don’t plan to go unvaccinated so book in Miss M for her extra travelers’ shots.  My final piece of advice – do it plenty of time prior to travel so the child’s body has time to recuperate.


This is the easiest on the list.  Layers, layers and more layers!  Of course, there are plenty of alpaca beanies, mittens and jumpers in Peru.  Don’t go overboard with bulky jackets and the like, as you will be able to stock up while there.  Or shop the beautiful selection of baby wear at Threads of Peru!

Below is some of our favorite tried and true trekking gear for Peru with kids.


Packing Tips For Peru With Kids

Baby Gear For Peru With Kids

I’m packing just enough nappies to get to Lima! Peru has everything that you might need for a baby or small toddler including disposable nappies, dummies (pacifiers), teething rings and lots of baby food.

There is a good range of baby creams /shampoo in large supermarkets but not too many of the eco or earth-friendly variety, so if it’s important to you to use eco products, then best to bring them from home.  Below is some of our favorite eco-friendly travel gear we pack with us when packing for Peru.  Also, in Australia we have teething rusks – these are not available in Peru.


Baby Paraphernalia

Babies/toddlers need a lot of paraphernalia.  International airlines include a stroller/pram, a car seat, and a baby cot in the price of an infant plane ticket!  However, keep in mind that most domestic airlines do not.

I have a specially purchased stroller, which is lightweight (10kg) and has big wheels that are good for negotiating cobblestone streets.  Having strong wheels is an important consideration for a pram in Peru!  Also, be aware that outside of Lima and the better suburbs of Cusco, there is not much pavements.

Car-seats are not commonly used by children in Peru and pretty much everyone I know thinks I’m a little odd for wanting to use one.  However, given that traffic is quite inconsistent and traffic accidents (even little prangs) are more common than in other countries, I’m insistent on a car seat for my kids’ protection.

Most better hotels have a cot that they won’t charge for.  However, if you are on a budget then bringing your own port-a-cot might be a good idea.  You can also do as many Peruvians do and co-sleep.

Below are some of our must haves travel accessories when packing for Peru with kids.  These accessories can be cumbersome to pack but are so helpful while traveling.


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Waiting for meals at restaurants can sometimes be interminable if you have a hungry child – that’s when the bag of goodies comes out:)

Packing For Peru – Snacks

Hungry kids are no fun. Hungry kids who are screwing their nose up at some food that they aren’t familiar with are extremely frustrating.  I’m taking enough of their favorite snacks to get us through the first 3-5 days when the world will be disorienting – and we will all be tired.  Then, we can begin the culinary adventure that is Peru, including the fun of shopping in foreign supermarkets!

I also find it important to take food containers and water bottles when packing for Peru.  Not only are they useful inflight but also traveling around the country and on trekking expeditions.  See below some of our suggestions.

Bag Of Toys And Books

We carry a bag of goodies to be brought out at opportune moments – small toys (My Little Pony for the Little Miss, and Matchbox toys for the boy) and lightweight books.  That said, planes hand out coloring books and once you get to Peru it’s a great adventure getting a range of different toys we have never seen before!

Some of our other go to items are below.  We especially like these for inflight entertainment and easy to carry items on the go.  If you are looking for more information flying screenfree with children, check out our post “21 Awesome Screen Free Airplane Activities For Kids”.

With a bit of patience, and a willingness to slow your pace, traveling to Peru with children can be a relatively stress-free, and yes, even enjoyable, experience.



Need Help With Packing Tips For Peru With Kids?

Consider asking a travel agent for help for some of the logistics.  Apus Peru Adventure Travel Specialists have plenty of experience in offering treks with young people and family travel!

This post was originally published on the Apus Peru Blog,  and has been adapted by the author, Ariana Svenson, coincidentally a CoFounder of Apus Peru!

We’ve traveled with Lonely Planet for over 20 years! For unbiased and detailed advice, they are our trusted guide-book.  Even in this digital age, you can’t go past them for maps and info on the go.   There are also several books we recommend about Peru for kids and Peru for adults.  See all our recommendations below.

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Packing Tips For Peru With Kids






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